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Here Are The Most Inspiring Quotes From The Wonder Women Who Were Part Of ET’s Women’s Forum

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  •  March 16, 2018

When the Economic Times’ Women’s Forum took place in Mumbai, they brought together “the finest doers and the craziest dreamers.” Featuring keynote conversations, panel discussions, one-on-one interviews, and highlighting these events were wonder women from every sector of the industry with power-packed words of inspiration for us.

We bring to you some such powerful quotes from the forum, uttered by some of the most successful personalities. Of them, one was Cherie Blair, founder of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

She proposed that every woman in India should “be the change” and her power should be unleashed, She also said that every woman should support other women, think and act inclusively, and enlist male allies.

“Whether they are based in Kigali or Kanpur, these women are strong, resilient and creative,” she said. Her foundation has supported more than 140,000 women so far by promoting entrepreneurship among women.

Even though she believes that at the current rate of change, women would take nearly 217 years to reach an equal status with men, she said, “I truly believe that we are at a tipping point in women’s history, one where our voices are becoming increasingly synchronised on the issues that unite us.”

“Being a Miss World and being an entrepreneur are quite similar,” said Manushi Chhillar, Miss World 2017, as she addressed the audience at the ET Women’s Forum on Friday. “The goals are similar. You want to bring change; you love what you do; you love risks; you take your own decisions and you don’t let people tell you what to do. It takes courage.”

She talked about her own work in trying to improve menstrual hygiene conditions for women, and said, “We encouraged women from the village to source sanitary napkins from Walmart at low-cost and sell in them in their villages, More than the awareness and high-cost, it was the taboo which often prevented women from buying them – they felt uncomfortable dealing with male shopkeepers,” said Chhillar.

“I pray that in the future no one seeks the meaning of women’s empowerment because women are equal to men,” she added.

Another truly engaging conversation that took place was between panelists Rajan Anandan, Managing Director for Google India, Vani Kola, managing partner at venture capital fund Kalaari Capital, Meena Ganesh, founder of startup incubator Growth Story and CEO of healthcare startup Portea Medical and Falguni Nayar, Founder, and CEO of cosmetics marketplace Nykaa.

Women’s Forum

Meena Ganesh. Image source

“I think the question to be asked is if we as women, want to be path-breakers – and we need to be path-breakers – then we need to put blinders on and be able to say from our deep inner conviction that they (critics) don’t stop us from being who we are. We need those (blinders) to pave the way forward,” said Vani Kola.

She pointed to the fact that many times women don’t ‘want to be entrepreneurs, and said “We need role models of women who were 25 or 28 when they started and went through their marriage, childbirth; continued through all that and still built a business. Those are the journeys that we need to highlight. The more we aspire to be like our role models, it becomes easier for women to also say yes, this is a path I could also take and perhaps get some success.”

Agreeing with Ganesh, Nayar said, “I feel that if women lean in and want it for themselves they can achieve it all. For too long, women have been the support system of the family. They are not bold enough to dream for themselves and once they dream for themselves, they will see the difference and they will be happy with what they achieve.”

H/T: The Economic Times

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