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Gurleen Kaur Of Hareepatti Teaches Us To Draw The Line Between Household & Personal Budget

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  •  April 14, 2017


Imparting financial wisdom and investment solutions to individuals and corporate houses, Gurleen Kaur effectively manages a logical extension of her father’s venture Trilok Singh & Associates, Hareepatti.

Conceived in 2005, Gurleen Kaur today helps individuals steer the wealth in directions that are advised with the vision of their lifestyle, requirements, and future plans. To promote financial independence among women through self-sustaining ways, Gurleen is coming to Jaipur to host a workshop ‘Purse Manager’ where she will be touching base upon financial literacy, financial freedom cash flow for the businesses from home, emergency funding, personal budgets, and much more.

At the workshop, Gurleen Kaur will assist homepreneurs, mompreneurs, and business-minded homemakers with their financial decisions and help them achieve financial stability.

To give you a sneak peak at the workshop, we share with you excerpts of our conversation with Gurleen Kaur.

Why should homepreneurs and mompreneurs attend this workshop?

Gurleen: Women very often tend to delegate Financial Planning to their Husbands/Fathers, which is why most of the times there is a huge mismatch between the Actual Need and Action Taken. Their shaken confidence is also due to the fear of unknown and not adequate knowledge on the subject. I intend to lead them to own the financial assertiveness that will help them take charge of their financial life and grow the business.

What transformative thinking will women develop as for managing their finances after this workshop?

Gurleen: Women have few capabilities inbuilt of which they are not aware. They are good empathizers, learners, and multitaskers. They have good intuition powers, and they know what is right or wrong from their heart. This workshop is going to help them discover that they can manage money in a better way as it comes naturally to them.

How different is a woman’s relationship with money as compared to a man? And how can these differences benefit the women?

Gurleen: Everyone needs to be financially equipped with their personal finance. However, it is the women who need Financial planning more than men because of many reasons: Women have more career breaks due to marriage and child birth, Divorce rates are increasing, and Women are outliving men.

Statistics show that, on an average, women live 5 years longer than men, earn 25 percent less during their life time and work 11 years less in their careers.

Also, few characteristics of women can benefit them in managing personal finance too, like they are more patient, they don’t give up easily, and are more focused as compared to men. These are the key ingredients for successful financial life.

What we generally see is that financial hurdles are more of a mental block. What tips would you give to overcome this block?

Gurleen: While nearly 100 percent of women is confident about managing their day to day household finances, they don’t feel confident in investing or protecting their income or assets on their own.

There is always a first time for everything. I would suggest them to come out of the nutshell and start taking charge with small investment decisions and try to do the due diligence themselves so that the fear of taking wrong decision will reduce.

How can women smartly draw a line between a household budget and a personal budget?

Gurleen: To me, both are managed in the same way. Talking about household budget, in the beginning of every month, you should keep aside a separate amount for grocery, utility bills, education fee, eating out, etc.

In personal Finance budget, you define different goals like Higher education and marriage for kids, retirement, travel goals, house, etc and start saving according to these.

The best way is to do the back calculation. For example, while planning for retirement, one should calculate the current household expenses and inflate the same to future at the time of retirement and arrive at a corpus that needs to be there to sustain the current lifestyle, and then identify the amount one needs to save for that and get on it.

Financial Goals are tricky.

Gurleen: The best way to plan your finances is to plan them separately from their husbands, fathers, brothers or boyfriends. By doing this, they will get a proper insight as to where they stand and what they wish to achieve. She can take her own personal decisions based on her needs. If a woman handles her own finances, she is well prepared to handle money matters individually if the need arises. Knowledge of different investment avenues, savings and expenses is important to run a family.


What are the financial stages in her life every woman should recognize?

Gurleen: It is important to manage finances differently at different stages of life.

When you are a student, you need to have short term small savings.

When you get married, you need to realign your financial life with that of your husbands’.

If you are working, you have both your job and house to manage.

What I personally feel is that it does not matter what stage of her life a woman is: Student or Single or Married, Financial Planning should be your Priority!

We are sure you don’t want to miss a chance to be a part of our ‘Purse Manager!’ The workshop will be held on April 20th, 2017 from 3-6 pm at Hotel Grand Uniara, Jaipur. As purse managers ourselves, we sure are not heavy on your handbags! The fee is just Rs. 500.

Hurry up and call us on +91 9828288876 to book your seat!

To know more about the workshop, click here.

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