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Gold Medalist Anjum Moudgil Is A Shooter By Day And A Painter By Night

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  •  March 17, 2018

Shooting champion by day and a painter by night! The 24-year-old gold medalist shooter Anjum Moudgil is not only a champion at shooting but excels at painting as well.

Painting acts as a stress buster in her life and she is so fond of it that she even paints when she is away for tournaments. Anjum told Indian Express, “I can’t keep off painting even when I’m away for a tournament.” She added, “It definitely helps me relax. When I am painting I don’t think about anything else. I don’t feel hungry or thirsty. I get completely lost.” She carries the basic tools while she is traveling.

It’s shooting that got her recognition in the world, however, she does both with equal sincerity and says she can’t pick one of both. Moudgil doesn’t stick to one pattern or theme when it comes to working the magic of her brushes. In fact, she paints everything that inspires her.

She said, “I can paint anything.” Her artwork is regularly sold on social media platforms but the shooter says she isn’t good at quoting the price. “I end up quoting a much lesser price (than market value), or in some case give them for free, as most people who approach me are my acquaintances and friends,” she said.

H/T: Indian Express 

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