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FULL STORY: Fashion Makeover with Pallavi Jaipur, Day 1

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  •  March 22, 2014


As promised, on March 11th, we kick started our Makeover campaign: ‘I am a Woman, not a Woe-man.’ Our heroine, Mrs. Seema Agarwal is expected to go under makeovers to change the way women like her have been living in our society. Read her story here.



Sadly, the widows in our culture live a much bounded life with many regulations to follow regarding what they wear, food they eat, socializing spirit, etc. Mrs. Seema, along with us, want to challenge this narrow perception and change the way we treat widows…the way she was treated by society 10 years back. Famous Bollywood Designer Pallavi Jaipur has volunteered to do this task and take the associated social issue head-on.

Pallavi is supposed to give Mrs. Seema her fashion makeover, and we already can’t wait! Let us tell you how their 1st meeting went.




Pallavi: Hello Seema, how are you feeling? Its day 1 of a new life.

Seema: Absolutely. I am all charged up to support this cause.

Pallavi: Excellent! So tell me something about yourself.

Seema: I am a Hindi teacher in St. Anslem’s School, Jaipur. I have 2 daughters in their respective college and job.

Pallavi: Tell me more about your husband. And what kind of support is your family today?

Seema: He was a Banker. Doctors claimed it was a heart attack at such a young age. It all happened 10 years back and at that time the girls were small. And only after him that I started to work to support my daughters financially.

Pallavi talked to Seema about her past for quite some time to understand her personality and about the society in which she lives. This would help Pallavi choose the styles that she can offer to Seema.

Pallavi: So let’s get started with your styling. I can see you are wearing cotton Salwar-kameez in multicolor. Very subtle with minimal detailing like prints. I sense that you love clothes that are not too eye-catchy and comfortable to wear. My task is to give your clothes a bit more stylish edge.  I have in mind for you something trendy yet elegant & ethnic that of course will not over-do your age and your profile as a teacher. Let us together choose 3 styles for your wardrobe.


Pallavi took Seema to the huge gallery where her designer collection was kept. Since Pallavi’s designs are generally bright, heavy festive wear with embroidery, stone and mirror work; she took special care of what she was showing to Seema in accord with her personality. Pallavi had especially hand-picked few Sarees & Kurtas infront of us.

Pallavi’s 1st choice for Seema was a beige knee-length Salwar kameez with floral thread work. The kurta was adorned with criss-cross lining work which Seema had never tried before and hence felt reluctant if she was looking good in that.



Pallavi: Don’t shy away. It is a new design which you might not have tried before, but as a designer I strongly suggest you go with it. You look pretty.

Seema: And not bulgy?

Pallavi: No!

Seema smiled in acceptance. And then Pallavi advised to select another Anarkali – a full length voluminous Anarkali. In beautiful neon shades, Seema was undoubtedly looking divine.

tn_DSC_0994 copy



















Pallavi: Wow! Just look at you. The Ombre color effect is just adding the bash of youfulness. This style is a bit festive and since it is on white base, it is a perfect wear for a daylight event.

Seema seemed to like it and said: Hmm. Even I love this one a lot. I can see myself wearing it at a School’s function. Very elegant. I never thought if this color can look this pretty on me!

Pallavi: So how about something like this.


She showed Seema her exclusive Pallavi Jaipur Palazzo collection.

Seema: Palazzos? Not my cup of tea!

Pallavi: First try, my dear. I know you have never worn them but they are something very comfy and I bet you are going to love them in summers.

Seema: But I am limited to my pair of Jeans and I am happy in them.

Pallavi: Let it be the 1st day in history. (Chuckles)




















Pallavi: Have you ever thought of wearing bright red again?

Seema: I haven’t worn too much bright after him, thinking what others would say.

Pallavi: Would care to try one? I have one really beautiful saree for your fair skin tone.

Pallavi brought a 6 yard long red saree with gold thread work. The motifs drawn on it reminded us of the Jaipur heritage buildings…of course we are talking Pallavi Jaipur here.

Seema: Pallavi, it’s beautiful. Do you really think I should go with this one?

Pallavi: Wait a moment! Let me drape it for you. Then you decide if you want to leave this one!

Pallavi’s intuition was right. She is a gem of a designer who can predict the style for you.

With teary eyes Seema said: I am lucky to have met you, Pallavi. No one has ever encouraged me to wear this color in all these years.

Pallavi smiled and made Seema stand infront of the life-size mirror in the showroom. The two kept mum for few seconds and then Seema turned to Pallavi with a smile. Was that a smile of new beginning?

Pallavi: The red saree can be worn with a gold blouse at a night function or a family gathering or even at a wedding. Let me take your blouse measurements.


Pallavi: And now tell me, what else are you looking for? I mean, any particular shade or style that I can help you with.

Seema: I am always confused as what to wear if I am out on my own, without my daughters. With them I have a sense of confidence. While they are away, I have a void while going for events or functions. So may be a color that will make me shine through and picture me as a perfect confident woman standing in the crowd.

Pallavi: I have just a right color for you. Check this.




















Pallavi showed her another saree in color-block neon green & blue shade. Very summery, very in for this season. The border was literally shining with gotta patti work. The little tussles on the saree edge were categorizing this saree from the lot.

Seema: You are my fashion psycho.

At the end, Pallavi settled for something that Seema would agree upon quickly – a Kurta to be worn with a pair of Jeans.

Pallavi: Seema, yotn_DSC_0957u have been parroting about your denim fetish. Let me show you this Kurta.

Pallavi picked a yellow kurta with side pockets. Very trendy yet ready to embrace the grace in this lady.

Seema: Oh, thank you so much!! But I thought you only design party-wear ethnic apparels.

Pallavi: My USP is trending the ethnic wear, but I always make sure I focus on casual Indian wear as well. After all, women in our country love wearing this style on a daily basis.

Designer Pallavi Jaipur has really carved a turning point in Mrs. Seema’s life. Her perception towards the way she must look has changed and she has realized she should not get dressed according to society’s norms for widows. Pallavi has gifted Seema a saree, full length Anarkali and the kurta as a token of memory. The prominent designer has promised Seema to be in touch as she would love to suggest her different styles in coming times, just like a friend. Pallavi is also going to help her choose the right shoes for different occasion to compliment her new fashionable look. We are happy for both of them.

We will be back with Seema’s new avatar after the makeover campaign. Watch this space for it! For more photos, click!

If you have missed, read Seema’s Diary of the Fashion Makeover here.

What Pallavi Jaipur has to say about this makeover, discover with a click.

We thank Mr. Vinod Singh Gussain for catching every intimidating moment in his lenses. Visit his page to see the photography art.

Visit Pallavi Jaipur’s exclusive designer store in Jaipur and check the latest collection!

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