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FULL STORY: Beauty Makeover Day 2 & 3

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  •  April 1, 2014

Day 2 came with a lot of excitement and hope. Seema Agarwal’s clothing was styled by none other than Pallavi Jaipur, and now it was time to give her a new beauty look!

Ms. Nazia Ali, owner of Riviere Unisex Beauty Salon, took the challenge head on and joined hands with us. Her determination to bring a change in the society through Seema’s makeover is strong and straight from the heart and that was what brought an edge to this second phase of makeover. We consider Ms. Nazia as the best Beautician to do this makeover because she understands the pain a single woman suffers in our Indian society. Nazia, a young woman, is a divorcee who has shifted from Mumbai to Jaipur to start the life anew. So what happened when Seema and Nazia met each other? In this article, get ready to feel the joint power and spirit of these 2 strong ladies. And yes, check out for some fabulous Beauty Tips Nazia is giving to all the readers of our blog!


Nazia: Hello, Seema ji. Finally, I‘ve got to meet you. Have been hearing a lot about your strength from Jaipur Women Blog’s team.

Seema: Thank you. I am here just to put forward my capability to support their brilliant project. And since you know so much about me, I want to listen to your side of the story as well. I know you have been on your own struggle as well.


Nazia: Right. I am a divorcee and my ex-husband lives in Mumbai. Being a girl and from Muslim community, I faced so many issues when I parted my way from him. My own family kind of discarded me, and only person who supported me throughout was my father. He gave me the strength to stand up against all odds and live courageously. So many years in Jaipur, I am still adjusting in this environment. But, all this has only made me stronger. Today I thank Allah for all the hard times that have made me the woman I am known as today. Living alone is definitely not easy and hence I could connect to you in spirits.

Seema: I can relate. Once a woman is living alone, everyone around becomes a hungry jackal.


Nazia: Exactly. I was misjudged when I spoke to men after my divorce. They called me names that affected me initially. Today I have learnt to deal with them. Many even forced me to get married again. But I am still not ready.

Seema: In my case as well, people suggested 2nd marriage just to get support in old age. But I couldn’t. I had spent 18 years with my husband and have 2 daughters. I knew I am strong enough to support them in every aspect.

Nazia: You are an inspiration, Seema ji. Women like you are hard to find today. We shy away in saying we are divorcee, widow or single. We ourselves are not ready to accept the reality. Whereas, men are quite open about it. They come forward in society with the truth.



Seema: I agree. Rather every single woman must be proud of who she is. A man cannot define your worth or your living purpose.

Nazia: Do you feel his absence in public events?

Seema: Yes, that will remain inside till the last day. He is my husband. I miss him at every step but I don’t let this become my weakness.

Nazia: I live alone in a flat all on my own. Cook by myself and eat the meals all alone. This feeling sometimes takes your strength away. But then you have to repeat it to yourself that you have a bag full of strength, just take it out. This Salon is my everything today. My clients are like my family. I have found my solace here.

Seema: You are young, Nazia. You have a big future ahead.

Nazia: I am young?!? I am almost 30 years old. (laughs)

Seema: Come’ on! That’s not 50.

Nazia: Shall we begin your makeover, Cinderella?

Seema (laughs): Sure.

Nazia examines Seema’s skin texture and type. The bright soothing lights at Riviere were helping understand the skin deeply.

Nazia: You have a very sensitive skin. Do you notice these red rashes? Naked eyes can see them but once seen closely, you can notice redness scattering.

Seema: Oh yes. How come I never noticed them? Are they harmful in long term?

Nazia: Yes. What skin treatment do you take generally?

Seema: I opt for diamond or peal facials once in 2 months. And regularly go for normal cleanse-ups every month.

Nazia: Ok. Looks like they are not doing any good to your rashes. These are because of the immense heat that your skin has deep inside. You face needs treatments that cool it off. I will apply mud face pack on your face since it has natural anti-oxidants that have cooling effect. So let us start with cleansing your face.

Nazia, who is trained by the renowned names of Indian Beauticians, is an expert in deep skin theory. As she puts it – “I have taken back at least one skin theory from my each training course.”


Nazia: Let me give you a tip – every time you cleanse your face, dip your finger tips properly in water. This helps in maintaining moisture level.

 Seema: Why haven’t you used scrub before cleansing? Everywhere I go, they start with scrubbing the face.

Nazia: That’s exactly where they go wrong. You already have rashes on your face, and if you scrub such a face, you are helping them spread. So, redness increases.

Seema: I see. But since scrub cleans the dirt from within, how would that be done now without a scrubber?

Nazia: Cleansing with a mild lotion done for sometime in a round finger motion helps make skin soft. This automatically brings the dirt out and when you will remove it from a cotton ball, you can find all the dirt on it.

Seema: I understand.

Nazia: Here you go. Let me now apply the natural Mud-mask on your face and neck area.

Seema’s face was softly given a layer of mud mask. During this period, Nazia & Seema talked about products used in Riviere. Nazia told her that she prefers using only natural products on face. She gives example of the same mud-mask that was applied on Seema’s face.


Nazia: This mud-mask is 100% natural and hence, it will give you the results I was talking about. It is color free, alcohol free and most interestingly it is human tested and not animal tested like other beauty products. At Riviere, we use products that are environmental friendly.

Seema: Is it? That’s amazing. I can’t wait to see myself in the mirror after this.

Seema felt a joy inside. Her eyes were more excited than before, just like a kid. Her speech was a clear proof of how happy she is to meet Nazia. Nazia has just stepped in her life like a ‘forever-friend’.

Seema: Nazia, I am glad I have met you. You have told me so many things about my skin which I myself didn’t know.  

Nazia (smiles): Then let me tell you one more trick to gain a youthful skin. Never use facewash, rather go for Cleansing Milk. A facewash only cleans our upper skin layer, but milk-cleansing daily before going to bed helps remove the dirt in next skin layer.



Nazia also talked about a myth women believe that unless electric massager is not used during facial, results will not show. “It is absolutely wrong. What is better than manual massage strokes! An expert using hand massage gives you more benefits than that massage machine on your face,” – says Nazia.

Seema: Even I was one of those thinking that way. I suppose I have many other confusions as well.

Nazia: Let me guess, one of them must be – what kind of face cream to use on a daily basis.

Seema: Absolutely. Being a mother, I am usually guided by my daughters and moreover, I never had much time thinking what is good or not.

Nazia: Go for a cream that has moisturizer and SPF content, especially in summers when tanning is a threat.


By this time, Seema’s face pack had almost dried and Nazia waited for few more minutes to finally remove it by using a cotton ball.

Nazia: I am very much confident that Seema ji and Jaipur Women Blog’s team will be surprised seeing her after this beauty touch-up.

Seema turned her revolving chair.

Team Jaipur Women Blog: Seema ji, look at your bright face. You look like a model from television ads. (Their smiles echoed the Riviere walls)

Nazia: Ha-ha. Thank you. Seema ji, I want you to touch your face skin and let me know how you feel.


Seema: I feel light, I mean the lightest skin experience ever. As if the dirt has just vanished. I hope I am making some sense. I am just so happy that I am not able to express properly.

After a minute’s break she resumed back and said: “The oily skin looks like a past now. Your mud-pack has really made a difference. I feel the cooling effect from within. Nazia’s signature facial strokes are the best, and not like other beauty salon’s usual strokes. I am definitely going to visit Riviere, so what if I live in Malviya Nagar and would have to drive a big distance! This makeover is helping me realize many things about my life, my deep-down desires. Under responsibilities, we tend to forget that even we deserve joyful moments in life and hence, keep our desires under the carpet. I never gave myself time to realize my skin was suffering, I chose treatments that other women swear by. Today Nazia has told me my skin is different and it needs a different kind of pampering. I have taken a lesson to be more cautious about my body and skin. To love myself a little more!”

Nazia: Thank you. Thank you so much for believing in me. I feel more confident than before and now I am 200% charged up for your hair makeover. Are you?

Seema: More than you!

On Day 3, it was Seema’s hair turn to get more beautified. She was to be given a new look, that she can try later for various occasions. Want to know? Here you go…


Nazia: What hairstyle do you prefer on a daily basis?

Seema: Since, most of my time goes to School, I prefer keeping them in a small ponytail, a bun or tied a clutch.

Nazia: I understand. And elsewhere? I mean at parties or get to-gathers?

Seema:  I keep them open often. But not always, you see.

Nazia: Hmm. Let my girls give your hair a bit stylish look. They are going to try few styles according to your face cut and of course your profession-suitability. Ok?

Seema: Sure. And at the end, I would tell you which one of those I prefer the most. So that you can teach me how to do that.

Nazia: Perfect.

The trained staff of Riviere took on few styles and experimented. You can see the photos of the many styles done on her hair. The styles shown below are –

  1. Waterfall Side Braid or Side-French – a thin braid was drawn from one side, taken back to be tied with the bun.

tn_DSC_21622. Side swept – a side parting leads to the side swept hair, giving her a very retro look.



3. 2 Side Braids – 2 braids from both sides pinned at the back of head. Rest of the hair was left loose.


4. Flower Bun – Hair were divided into 4 sections and then each part was rolled in like a bent leaf. Pins were used to hold the style back. This style was complimenting Seema’s round face the most.


5. Rolled Side Swept – hair taken back, highlighting the forehead. They were left open in a side swept that was rolled with hair-roller into one soft curl.


6. Twisted strands – few strands were twisted and pinned at the back of head. Rest of the hair were left straight open


You can see how these hairstyles can change the regular look we women generally opt for. It’s time to bring a change in the way we look, right women? Seema too felt the difference and her smile in the photos are expressing it well. Let us hear what she has to say to Nazia:

Seema: I loved them all. Especially the last hairstyle, which I am wearing right now, is something I had never tried before. I love it so much that I am going home with it. (laughs)
I also loved the 2 side braids and the Flower bun since they make my round face come out differently. All these styles are like a break from the routine. I am sure once I will try them at school or among my relatives; everyone is only going to praise.

Nazia: I am glad you loved most of them. I have selected all these 6 styles according to your face cut. I also liked on you the 2nd style – side parting. I prefer this look because it looks descent and not jazzy. If ever you want to pull the side braided look at a function, I would suggest you to put small beads on it.

Seema: Thank you, I will surely try them at home. I am very happy with your team.  You have trained them so well.

Nazia: I am proud of my girls for doing the job so finely. Three cheers to my team!!

Before they bid good-bye for the day, Nazia gave Seema the last tip, the gem of an advice.

Nazia: Put aside all the trends, important is to live a life stress-free. This will make the skin glow and hair shine naturally. Nothing can beat the power of inner happiness. Seema ji, I will look forward to meet you soon.

Seema: Say very soon, Nazia.

Check the entire photo album here. And tell us how did you like this beauty makeover in the comments below? Are you going to try any of these styles? Make sure you are sending us the photos after visiting Reviere at AC-4, Opp. Jila Parishad Sawai Jai Singh Highway, Bani Park.

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We thank Mr. Vinod Singh Gussain for catching every intimidating moment in his lenses. Visit his page to see the photography art.

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