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From Biggest ‘Yes’ To Smallest Mischiefs,These Mammas Share It All

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  •  January 25, 2019


As per psychology, a human mind only remembers those moments which merit to be in the list of “whoa what happened there!” But when it comes to mothers, science kinda fails here because, for a mom, her child’s every single gesture, every moment spent with them, no matter how big or small is unique and she cherishes them all with the same love.

But when it comes to the relation between a mother and daughter, this bond is even stronger. Celebrating this very ultimate connection, Indian Women Blog has collaborated with the unique online gift store, for our campaign So Mamma Says. Under this campaign, mommies with daughters living in different states, share their cherished memories with us, proving to us that their love for their girls can transcend even the biggest distances.


Aparna with her daughter Angha

“We were visiting Angha’s father who had been transferred to a different city. Staying in a rented flat, we had no supplies or utensils to make food, just the basic raw materials like flour, ghee, etc. I was so tired that I fell asleep hungry, and my daughter got up in the mid of the night, made wheat dough, took a glass and used it to roll it in a circular shape,” shared Aparna Joshi, mommy of 25-year-old Angha, who is a writer and lives in Mumbai.

“For the first time in her life, she made paranthas, for her and me, that too when I had never allowed her to set foot in the kitchen before. I don’t believe in that ‘girls should know how to cook”. But truly, that was the best gift ever!” shared Aparna.


Kalpana with her daughter Manasvi.

We soon discovered that it is not the gifts that their daughters buy for them, but the ones that packed millions of emotions in a moment that matter the most to moms, like this adorable card that Mansavi made for her mom, Kalpana.


The card that young Mansavi had made.

Like for Dr. Indu Arora, her daughter Nikhita’s wordless, yet far more potent actions that show her how much she cares, still bring tears of emotions to her eyes.


Indu with her daughter Nikhita

“Me, my hubby, Nikhita and her friend had gone to attend some match. We had four seats with three of them together and 1 above in the stands. As we couldn’t let any of the girls sit alone, or let my husband climb the stairs with his joint problem, I went there to sit alone. Obviously, I felt lonely and sad, but soon Nikhita climbed up and sat on the stairs next to me and said, “Do you think I was going to let you sit all alone? Nah!”” recollected Indu, smiling through her tears.


Lata with her daughter Sakshi.

If my mom is to be believed, daughters are born with the ability to make their mommies all emotional and teary-eyed. And after talking to Lata, who lives in Kota, I think that my dear mommy may be right. So, on one of Lata’s birthdays, young Sakshi (her daughter), brought her a very intricately framed mirror from her pocket money which she had been saving. But what moved Lata was the note on the mirror by Sakshi.

“I don’t really like receiving gifts and surprises but on my birthday, when I opened her gift for me I was… well, I was crying. There was a note stuck on the mirror, which read, “When you look in this mirror, you will be seeing the most important person in the world for me,”” shared Lata.


Mita with her daughter Aayushi.

While we still, unfortunately, hear stories where girls are forced to let their dreams drown, because after all, ladki ko to paraye ghar jana hai, the moms IWB had the fortune to chat with are all about loving their child, irrespective of their gender. Be it Angha’s mom, who never let her daughter’s adventurous spirit to die just because she is a girl or Mita Agarwal, who knew when to transition from a guardian to a friend for her daughter Aayushi.

“Aayushi literally held a grudge against me for not allowing her to go on any of her school picnics. I wouldn’t have let my son go either if I had one. It had nothing to do with gender and everything to do with the fact that it was a worried mother calling the shots. In my eyes, she was a child who couldn’t look after herself,” shared Mita.


Young Aayushi with her mom.

“But today, of all her friends, she is the only one who has traveled 13 countries, all by herself. She now knows why I took those decisions. One day, she told me, “Mumma, never worry, I’ll never do anything that would disrespect or insult you and dad.” I was like, yes sweety, I know. The only reason I worry is, well, because that’s how a mom functions!” she added with a smile.

Moms and their unconditional love for us. *sigh* Well, I am going to give mine a big hug as soon as I reach home and you stay tuned to read the emotional-quirky-funny messages from the mommies and know what amazing gifts they choose for the girls!

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