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FREE-TABOOBS: Maharani College Girls play tabla for awareness

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  •  December 30, 2014


This is the second part of our campaign ‘Free taBOOBS’ towards spreading the awareness of breast cancer among Jaipur women. We began with meeting the young students of Kanodia Girls College and speaking to them about this medical condition. After getting a positive response from the young females of the city, we were thrilled to interact with as many girls as possible. So we headed towards Maharani College for girls.


Along with our media partner RJ Mrs. Sharma from 94.3 My FM, we had planned to create a unique tabla-tune comprising the sound of tabla played by these young stars. This music is ready now and is all set to be played on radio to mark our anthem towards this awareness program.  The idea behind playing tabla is because of its view from top that looks similar to breasts. Our sole motto is to free our minds from the taboos related to talking about breasts or boobs…hence taboobs!

RJ Mrs. Sharma is talking to girls

RJ Mrs. Sharma is talking to girls

Check out the young hearts of Maharani College taking their pledge of being cautious about this medical illness and helping us spread the word.


Neelakshi Maheshwari (who has recently won the university elections) seemed strong- headed and determined even when we met her a month back. She initiated the pledge taking:

“We can’t blame the society for being shy about saying the word breasts. We should understand that it is a part of our body and there is no shame attached to it. Let us openly talk about breast cancer and other illness related to breasts. I will do my best to support the cause by Jaipur Women Blog and 94.3 My FM.”


She was followed by Deepika, Sonal Shekhawat, Aditi Sharma, Khushbu Bharti, Mamta and Kavita. The girls giggled before they played tabla in pairs.

DSC_3543 DSC_3544 DSC_3545 DSC_3546 DSC_3547

“We don’t know how to play it.”

“I have never entered music room in my entire life.”

“But before today, we have never known about breast cancer too!”

“Hmm, so let this day be the beginning of both of them.”

“Yes, let’s together blow the college premises with our hard rock music.”

“Calm down.”


We noticed 2 friends Chitra and Asha. Shy and quietly smiling in the corner. We asked them to come forward and play the tabla, and one of them replied – “No, let others.”

JWB – Don’t do this and wait for others to finish. Take responsibility because playing this tabla is not just for fun but will speak of your strong determination that you are all set to spread breast cancer awareness. Are you with us?”

In chorus – Yes!

In a jiffy the girls were standing next to the Tabla playing it. We enjoyed every beat made, so what if that wasn’t that musical to ears!

DSC_3557 DSC_3559 DSC_3560 DSC_3561 DSC_3562 DSC_3563 DSC_3564

After this came this vivacious athlete girl Pratibha Kanwar. Tall built, wearing sportswear and hair neatly tied in a braid, she asked – “I want to know about the symptoms before I make a pledge.” So we explained to her about the symptoms and once she was convinced, she said:

“Okay now I think I know a little about it. Strange, my mother or any other woman in my life has never told me anything. Anyway, I feel I should read more before going for check-up myself and in that way, I will be of more help to my friends and female relatives.”

Good. ‘So who is the last one desiring to play the tabla?’ – we asked. And then raised two friends Sahiba Usmani and Bushra.

Sahiba – We want to thank you for coming to our college and speaking to us about breast cancer.

RJ Mrs. Sharma – Not a problem.

Bushra – Due to hormonal changes girls feel breast pain, I hope they don’t confuse it with a symptom of the breast cancer.

RJ Mrs. Sharma – True. Menstruation also causes some pain in breasts, that’s why we are asking you to focus on self-check up every month before going to the doctor. So, what do you want to pledge about?

Sahiba – I will be telling my siblings and mother about it.


We loved meeting these girls, everyone had a new story or a thought to share.

You can listen to the Free Taboobs tabla music and share with us, what pledge are you making in 2015 to make it a breast cancer free year?

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