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Founder Of India’s 1st Protein Bakery, Rashi Chowdhary Gives Away Her Secret Recipes

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  •  June 7, 2019


You and your sweet tooth should be thanking us for bringing you this story. This is the story behind the origin of UAE and India’s first-grain free bakery, Protein Bake Shop.

If you’re someone who wants to switch to healthy eating habits when it comes to desserts, but at the same time, cannot do without the sugary creams, creamier cheese cakes, and creamiest frostings, congratulations, you’ve come to the right place!

IWB recently spoke to Rashi Chowdhary, Nutritionist, Diabetic Educator & the Founder of Protein Bake Shop. Read the excerpts from the interview where she told us about founding one of its kind bakeries along with some quick, healthy dessert recipes!

What triggered the idea to start a fitness bakery where absolutely no grains would be used?

As a Nutritionist, I have come across all kinds of people with various body and metabolism issue. The saddest point in my career was to meet kids aged 6-15 who were overweight and had their parents worrying about their health. Most parents expect a doctor/nutritionist to be strict asking their child to never eat any chocolate or junk food. I felt sad for the babies. I wanted a permanent solution and hence, decided to come up with healthy dessert recipes, food that was supposed to make you lose an inch or two!

This was about 10 years ago, right?

Yes. Back in the time, there weren’t many healthy options for people to explore. Although most food items were and are labeled as ‘sugar-free,’ they aren’t actually. However, when I started, I was ready for the apprehension.

What sort of hesitation?

I was worried if the taste would be up to the mark. As Indians, we understand the taste of sweet items better than anyone in the world. *laughs*

What was the verdict?

I went straight up to my friends, and family members with various things I had prepared and they threw up the moment they tasted it. *laughs*


Yes, but I was so determined, I decided to redo a few things and launch the recipes in the market, contrary to some of their suggestions. It took me another eight months, phew!

And what was the verdict this time?

It was grand and just the opposite of what I had imagined. The kind of love I was poured with was unexplainable. Everything from the low-carb cookies, grain-free biscuits to high-protein brownies and truffles was immensely praised.

What was the fastest selling sweet?

Peanut butter truffle! It still is, by the way!

protein bake shop

What significant changes have you made to the process of usual baking?

Well, I use coconut flour instead of wheat flour (maida). Coconut flour is a brilliant absorbent and is extremely high in fiber, protein, and healthy fats. It is also low in sugar and digestible carbohydrates. When I bake, the only grease that I bring to my kitchen is coconut oil. As you know, I don’t use oats, wheat, and every other kind of grain that gives rise to bad fat in human body. I don’t even use refined sugar, which most ‘health-conscious’ food-joints use. For me, it’s only honey or jaggery, that too, as less as possible. Similarly, I don’t use common salt, instead, sprinkle Himalayan salt during cooking. Most importantly, when I am preparing something, I always keep a protein count in every bite that my client will intake.

#smallchanges #bigresults ?? switching to Pink Himalayan salt over refined table salt will give you a stable PH balance, improve blood circulation and detoxify your body! Salt has a bad rep because of the processing methods we use to manufacture table salt. Himalayan salt crystals on the other hand are loaded with a whole lot minerals and you actually get less sodium per serving! So there’ll be less bloating :)) #eatclean #nutrition #health #nutritiontips #rashirecommends #nutritionistdubai #nutritionistmumbai

170 Likes, 6 Comments – Rashi Chowdhary (@rashichowdhary) on Instagram: “#smallchanges #bigresults ?? switching to Pink Himalayan salt over refined table salt will give you…”

Talking about your life before the Protein Bake Shop, were you this health-conscious back then, too?

I am a Punjabi and can’t do without stuffed paranthas topped with pure butter. I have had my days of hogging on the best of food that was brought to me from inside my home kitchen. Hence, I grew up as a really insecure child who was repeatedly made aware of her body size and shape. That affected my self-esteem that further resulted in me skipping my meals. Result – I suffered irregular periods, poor metabolism and physical weakness. This went on for years until one day I decided to take charge. My first step towards my commitment was to study nutrition.

So, it was a purely selfish reason that turned you into a successful Nutritionist today.


Do you indulge in cheat-food now?

Oh, I do. I love having my coffee with chocolate cake with frosting. But wait…this cake is always from the Protein Bake Shop and hence, is fault free!protein bake shop

That means we will never find anything unhealthy in your refrigerator?

Never! My fridge is clean af! All you will see in there are eggs, nuts, avocados and healthy granola bars.

Rich and creamy avocado is a perfect example of ‘good fats’. But what if you cannot find one in your area? Or if you just don’t like it at all? Here is a list of foods that can easily be considered as replacements: 1. Coconut chunks 2. Tahini 3. Coconut cream 4. Macadamia nuts 5. and butter Make sure you have enough good fats through the day if your aim is to lose weight. Ask your questions in #askRashi section on and in comments below. Have a lovely day everyone ? #avocado #replacements #goodfats #coconut #weightloss #inchloss #healthy #nutrition #nutritionist #dubai #nutritionistdubai #nutritionistmumbai #mydubai #uae #instagood #instamood #photooftheday

235 Likes, 27 Comments – Rashi Chowdhary (@rashichowdhary) on Instagram: “Rich and creamy avocado is a perfect example of ‘good fats’. But what if you cannot find one in…”

What dessert would you recommend eating to a cray-cray fitness freak?

Our Paleo range that has almond butter, cashew butter, chocolate cake and cupcakes and my favorite Rawnola which is made of nuts, coconut flakes, coconut oil, and honey.

paleo food

Which is the most interesting recipe at the Protein Bake Shop, according to you?

The Fitscuits. It’s a mix of words fit and biscuits and is made of almond flour, coconut flour, coconut oil, whey protein isolate, raw caw cacao powder, and dates.

protein bake shop

Which dessert gave you a hard time in the initial days?

The cheese cake, ugh! I took long to master its healthier version.

It’s time you share some quick recipes with us! We’re excited!

Alright, so I’ve got two recipes from the Protein Bake Shop’s kitchen. They are called Chocolate Avocado Mousse and Peanut Butter Pops.

Recipe for Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Avocado mousse ❤️ 2 ripe avocados 1/2 cup coconut cream 1/2 cup roasted hazelnuts 1/4th cup raw cacao 1 tbsp chia seeds ( ground) 6 soft dates 1/2 tsp cinnamon Pinch of Himalayan salt Blend the ingredients together and refrigerate them into small bowls. Enjoy them on days you’re in the mood the #cheatclean #nutrition #askrashi #health #eatclean #paleo #nutritionistindubai #nutritionistinmumbai

475 Likes, 25 Comments – Rashi Chowdhary (@rashichowdhary) on Instagram: “Avocado mousse ❤️ 2 ripe avocados 1/2 cup coconut cream 1/2 cup roasted hazelnuts 1/4th cup raw…”

Crush 2 ripe avocado and 2 tablespoons of coconut flour along with some honey and 1/8 tablespoons of Himalayan salt. Refrigerate the combination before tossing some freshly crushed walnuts on it.

Recipe for Peanut Butter Pops

Why i love these #lowsugar popsicles! 1.You can always add good fats in the form of almond milk, peanut butter, coconut milk or coconut meat to counter act the effect of the fruit sugar in them. 2.They are just so fun to eat and the portion is just enough to take care of a small snack. It tackles your sugar craving and you feel satisfied just like how you feel post a desert. 3.You can always add a protein powder to have it as a post workout snack Here’s one of my coolest recipes of peanut butter popsicle ( makes 2) 1 banana 2 Tbsp of peanut butter 100ml almond milk 1 Tbsp of honey pinch of himalayan salt raw cacao nibs for the crunch #eateateat #pospicles #peanutbutter #recipes #eatfat #nutritionist #nutritionistmumbai #nutritionistdubai

342 Likes, 11 Comments – Rashi Chowdhary (@rashichowdhary) on Instagram: “Why i love these #lowsugar popsicles! 1.You can always add good fats in the form of almond milk,…”

Take 200 ml of almond butter and 2 ripe bananas and crush them together. Add Himalayan salt to taste and a little honey to the mixture. Blend well before pouring it into the Popsicle maker. Once ready, enjoy the cool pops!


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