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Fashion Stylist & Blogger Archana Dhankar On Keeping Up With Her Passion After Marriage

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  •  July 2, 2019


It’s amazing to discover women who don’t give up on their passions, no matter where life takes them. Such is the story of Archana Dhankar, a UK-based fashion stylist & blogger at FashionforRoyals. She founded the blog back in 2013 after she and her husband moved countries to pursue their respective dreams.

Let’s find out more about this fashion-enthusiast.

How was life before you ventured into the field of fashion?

Well, I was a digital marketer for over 12 years and had worked with many renowned Indian brands. Today, I use this talent to strengthen my blog.

Since you’re also a fashion consultant, tell us what kinds of changes do women look forward to when they seek wardrobe suggestions?

The major need arises when women go through a change of phase in their life. It can be marriage, pregnancy, a promotion at the workplace, or a shift from the student life to corporate culture. I’ve got all kinds of clients hailing from different backgrounds and with varied fashion tastes. It’s always fun to listen to their requirements and use my creativity to present a stunning modification to them.

Do you feel women stop expressing their sexuality as they get to handle new responsibilities in life?

According to me, it all depends on a woman herself. With responsibilities come changes, and one should never compromise. I always tell my female friends and clients to be comfortable in your skin, eat healthy, and never ever make themselves the last priority. Neither marriage, nor motherhood can impact us more than our own state of mind and perspective towards life.

Talking about you, is it difficult to strike a work-life balance?

Sometimes it feels as if I am managing multiple roles and juggling way too much than I actually can. Luckily, mine is a young family which is always filled with energy. My husband and son never bring a dull moment at home and that revitalizes me. Spending quality time with one another has become more of a ritual for us.

Archana Dhankar

How is your husband a support?

I am lucky that I have a very supportive husband, who always encourages me to follow my passion. At that, he is my biggest critic who keeps me grounded and helps me do better each time.

What keeps you going?

My biggest motivation is to help other women around me and inspire them. I have struggled as a kid with fashion choices with limited guidance and I want to use this medium as a way of reaching out to others who might be in the same situation.

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