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Fashion Should Not Feed Size Zero Stereotype, Says Narendra Kumar On His Plus-Size Designs

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  •  July 12, 2018

Everyone has two sides – one that we show to the world, the side which has seemingly adapted to society’s norms and the other side that is a free bird, yearning to break off these shackles. And that’s the theme around which designer Narendra Kumar Ahmed’s new collection ‘Never Hyde’ for Lakme Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2018, to be held from August 22 to 26 in Mumbai, is based.

He drew the word ‘Hyde’, which means ‘that which resides in all of us’, from Robert Louis Stevenson’s A Strange Case of Jekyll and Hyde. According to Kumar the best example of having two sides are plus-size men and women who battle body shaming. That too when the world is gradually shifting towards a more body positive outlook.

So, with ‘Never Hyde’ he plans to add a little more functional fashion to the plus-size segment’s wardrobe.

“I’ve always belonged to the tribe that felt fashion should be for real people and not feed the size zero stereotype. I was a rebel in that sense. I believe in concept clothing, not size-driven fashion,” he said. He added that he wants to do away with notions that curvy people should not wear bright colors or large prints. He wants to design for them and put emphasis on comfortable garments with flattering fits.

Last week, the plus-size model auditions for LFW Autumn/Winter 2018 were held in Mumbai and more than 5000 people registered of which the 300 were shortlisted participants and 29 (10 men and 19 women) were selected.

“I realized how ignorant we are. I saw so much confidence and joy in them. Many of them were taking photographs and dancing impromptu backstage, just like the regular models would do.”

A synergy of “global trends and my idea of fashion”, Kumar says his collection will have “athleisure, denims with a twist and evening wear.” “It’s a wrong notion that overweight people have to wear lighter fabrics like georgette. The collection will be my way of saying size doesn’t matter,” said Kumar.

“I believe in fitness irrespective of body size. Athleisure is about clothes for everyone who wants to be fit and is working towards fitness.”

H/T: The Hindu

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