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  •  April 29, 2014

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world, rightly said the legend Marilyn Monroe. Day 4 of the Makeover campaign with Mrs. Seema Agarwal was all about Shoes and preparing her to conquer the world. Our Fashion Partner Pallavi Jaipur who has given Seema her fashion makeover assisted her with shoe shopping.


The campaign Makeover – I am a woman not a Woeman – is about breaking the narrow thinking of our society which limits life choices of widows.

Our Shoe Partner STELLA TOES is assisting us in this. Located in City Pulse Mall at Narayan Singh Circle, in the heart of Jaipur city, Stella Toes has a huge collection of women footwear. As we told you earlier about the owner of Stella Toes, Mr. Prakash is a gentleman. The moment you enter, he welcomes you with his bright smile and treats everyone with utmost respect.

Pallavi along with Seema and Team Jaipur Women Blog was heartily welcomed to Stella’s colorful showroom. And in a moment, Pallavi snapped – ‘Wow! Along with you Seema, even I am going to take few pairs for myself.’ Everyone giggled. But she knew it was Seema who needed her assistance, so she said – ‘But let me start with you, dear. I am really excited, this has come so far and now we are doing your shoes.

Seema: I know. I have mixed feelings. Since the day I first met you and today, we all have come a long way.


Mr. Prakash invited Seema to go through his latest shoe collection.

Seema: Oh! Thank you so much. But seeing all this I am nothing but confused.

Pallavi: And therefore, I am here!  Let us start with your 1st style – The Kurta over the denims. You are even wearing it right now so finding the right shoe will be quick.

Seema: Ok.


Mr. Prakash: So what kind of shoes are you looking for – to be worn with pants or denims?

Seema: Must be very comfortable. Since my work demands standing for long hours.

Mr. Prakash: Then I have loafers for you! See these.

He showed her the racks full of Loafers in many shades.


Pallavi: Seema, check out these cherry red loafers. They are lovely!

Seema: Yes, the color is rather unique. (after trying them) They are too comfortable.

Pallavi: See, your kurta is yellow in color so these loafers will form a good color block style.

Mr. Prakash: I agree with Pallavi ji.

Seema: This is too fast, but yes, I finalize them. (smiles)

Pallavi: Excellent! And by the way, I would buy those black ones for myself! (winks)

Mr. Prakash: Sure.


Pallavi: So now head towards the next couture of Seema. A white Anarkali with floral colorful embroidery.

Mr. Prakash: Let me have a look at this beautiful Anarkali. Pallavi ji, you are an amazing designer.

Pallavi smiled and showed him the suit. After this, Mr. Prakash went straight to the section where stilettos in various colors were displayed.

Pallavi (excited): OMG, the collection is just so beautiful. It looks like I am going to splurge a lot today.

Mr. Prakash: Haha. Go ahead, it will be my pleasure! I think bright colored footwear should be worn with this Anarkali to balance its white base.

Pallavi: I agree with you. And I have got my eye on something similar. Show me those red heels, please.

Seema: Yeah, they look gorgeous.

Pallavi: I knew you will like them. (Smiles with confidence)

Seema: They are for me? I don’t wear heels! Moreover, they look too provocative, and I think it will give a negative impression about me to people around. Buy them for you.

Pallavi: It’s time to change all perceptions, Seema. Remember, this is the whole idea of this makeover. Let’s not live by their rules. You have already proved them wrong once by taking charge of your daughters’ life all alone. Time for 2nd innings! Now come’ on, try them! 

Seema: Umm…ok.


Seema wore this beautiful pair. They were bright red, suiting her fair delicate complexion. She stood and walked a few steps. Someone who doesn’t wear heels needs time to accept them. She tick-tocked and sat on her seat.


Mr. Prakash: While you were trying those, I found out another style that can be worn with this Anarkali. Check out this pair of flat heels with stone & stud work.


Seema: Hmm, they are interesting as well. The flat heels can be worn easily by me. Pallavi, for this I won’t make excuses.

Pallavi: I am glad. (smiles)

Mr. Prakash: So shall we do the 3rd look please?

Pallavi: Well, it’s a saree in dual tone. A neon and dark green shade gelled together. The border has gold embroidery. Have a look.

Seema: And it’s my personal favorite from all the looks.

Pallavi: I would prefer a golden base chappals, may be kolhapuris or flats can do.

Mr. Prakash: Then I would like to show you this new pair we recently got in our showroom. Pallavi ji, it is just your taste – elegance with a hint of bling. And Seema ji, you will like them too since they aren’t heels but block heels. As comfortable as flats. Have a look.

He showed them a metallic pair of flats. It is in golden copper hues. Strikingly beautiful.


Seema: I like them before even trying. You have an impressing collection, Prakash ji.

Seema tried the footwear and we knew that they were going with her.


Seema: They are comfortable. I never tried block heels, and always thought they must be some kind of uncomfortable fashion.

Mr. Prakash: I know. I have so many women customers who resist trying something new but end up buying those new styles.

Pallavi: We have this tendency to carry on with what we are comfortable with. We have  fears within to go with new things, be it people, fashion, educational choices, etc. We really need to work upon that, especially women.

Seema: And this makeover is one big step for me towards this growth. You all have been a great team and friends to me. Thank you so much.

Pallavi: Don’t say thank you at least to me. I will need your help in carrying my shoes shopping to the parking. Haha.

Seema: Sure. (smiles)

Mr. Prakash: I hope you and the Team of Jaipur Women Blog loved the experience here.

Seema and Pallavi nodded their heads in conformity.


Team JWB: We were very confident in having you for the shoe makeover. After all you have one of the most stylish collections of shoes in the city.

Mr. Prakash: Thank you so much. Keep visiting. And Seema ji, feel free to contact us if you ever find yourself in doubt while shoe shopping.

Seema: I will. Thank you once again.

“A shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk,” – said the legend designer Christian Louboutin. With this day of makeover, we are looking forward to a more confident Seema Agarwal walking over the typecast.

Check the entire photo album here. Make sure you are sending us the photos of your favorite shoes after visiting Stella Toes n City Pulse Mall at Narayan Singh Circle!

We thank Mr. Vinod Singh Gusain for catching every intimidating moment in his lenses. Visit his page to see the photography art.

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