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Fashion Blogger Dolly Singh Spills The Sass On Self-Acceptance And Real Beauty

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  •  August 30, 2019

Dolly Singh follows no fashion rules when she puts an outfit together. Her experiments are so practical you can actually work them out in your closet. Not only that, she herself is so real you can often spot her making Cara Delevingne-faces while modeling in those runway pieces.

Dolly Singh

Read below my fun conversation with one of my favourite fashion bloggers in India, Dolly Singh a.k.a Spill The Sass. Find her talking about life in general, revealing some fun facts, and telling us what she does with the extra stuff she gets as pressies! Excerpts:

Shall we begin this with your childhood memories revolving around your wardrobe?

I have always loved fashion as far as I can remember. But being from a humble background, my brother and I were only entitled to two new pieces of clothing every year. We wore them everywhere, whether it’s a wedding or a trip to the bazaar, it never really mattered. And that, I guess, made me crave for more.

So it was indeed a natural choice for you to choose the fashion industry and make a career in it.

Well, I did try to keep my interest hidden in my heart and studied Political Science Hons. for three years. But then, the heart wants what it wants, right? I came back (laughs).


Why the name ‘Spill the Sass?’

I knew I wanted something fun. Words like, ‘style,’ ‘fashion,’ etc. were a complete no-no. Somehow, I really wanted the word sass in it, maybe because I kinda like the sound of it. And so, from spill the beans emerged spill the sass.

What else would you like to spill around? Stupid question, I know.

Haha. I love spilling lame jokes, memes, and hopefully positive energy around me.

Tell me about your first stint as a fashion blogger – the first collaboration and how much did you earn from it.

Oh, it was a brand called 99Hunts. I earned 1,000 bucks and soon realized that I don’t want to do this for money anymore. Today, if the label lets me do my thing, I go ahead else, no collaborations. I don’t want to be another sellout.



You’re one of those few bloggers who is herself in front of the camera. You don’t shy away from showing off your crooked teeth or discussing pimples and dark circles during live chats. What makes you this cool, eh?

Thank you! After years of fighting insecurities (like all of us do), I have finally come to a full acceptance of who I am, and I want my people to see me for who I am and not a model.

After more 2,000 posts on your Instagram, which one do you like the best?

Honestly, the stories behind the pictures are much more important than the actual images. I have a ton of favourites, but the one where I got ready with a Ram Leela group and shot at a mela is very close to me. I dressed up as a modern goddess. You can find it here!

Do you get criticised based on your appearance or the way you dress? How do you take it?

Oh well, a ton of times. Criticism is one thing, and rude comments are another, I get both. But I have grown to ignore them now. I don’t let people’s opinion of me change or affect who I am, anymore.

Cunt-mouth : A brutally honest, pain in the ass, kinda person. That’s me. 🌚 📸 @einsjordan 👽

281 Likes, 14 Comments – Dolly Singh � Spill The Sass (@spill_the_sass) on Instagram: “Cunt-mouth : A brutally honest, pain in the ass, kinda person. That’s me. 🌚 📸 @einsjordan 👽”

What do you do with the free stuff you get and don’t like?

I try not to get stuff that I don’t like. I would never promote something that doesn’t resonate with me, so the goodies I get are very few in number. Hence, when I get them, I use them. In case I am left with extra things, I donate.

Who would you say is your number one fashion inspiration?

Only people who are real. Be it the influencers or people around me. People living normal lives are much more inspiring than influencers I think, agree?

Your pictures are always captioned with poetic text. Do you read?  

Haha, my captions are the worst according to me. I haven’t picked up a book in ages, and it hurts because I was someone who would finish a book in a day. Otherwise, my favourites have to include The Bell Jar, Diary Of A Young Girl and the very mushy Bridges Of Madison County.

Most Indian parents think that choosing a career like yours won’t fill our pockets. Shed some tips to become a financially independent fashion influencer.

Sadly, it can be true. As I mentioned, since I do not want to be a sell-out, I fill my pockets from another job. Monday to Fridays, I have a regular adult life, and on the weekends, I turn into the unicorn you see (laughs). But, yes, if one tries and doesn’t give up we will reach a point where it’s enough to fill stomachs and pay our bills. I am taking it slow, that’s all.

Do you say ‘I’ve nothing to wear’ frequently and what do you do in such a situation?

Every time I have to go out, I have a breakdown because apparently ‘I have nothing to wear,’ even though my closet will literally throw up on you (laughs). It’s all of us, isn’t it? So I breathe, slowly, and then think about it. Sometimes going through Instagram (your own or others’) helps, too, as you get lots of options to recreate.

OMG, and you did the Bakwaas series with our favourite illustrator, Babbu? How was the experience?

Absolutely loved it. I paint sometimes and have done that on my clothes, too. Therefore, looking at Babbu’s creations was overwhelming. We had been in touch for a while and decided to work together when she was visiting India. Her clothing line is gorgeous. Still can’t afford them though. Haha. But, soon!

When life took a 180 degree turn for the spice sisters. Don’t understand the caption? Go read the full story on my blog. Direct link mentioned in my bio section🔥🔥 All pictures and edits by @the.colab , assisted by @_aguyfromnowhere

308 Likes, 4 Comments – Dolly Singh � Spill The Sass (@spill_the_sass) on Instagram: “When life took a 180 degree turn for the spice sisters. Don’t understand the caption? Go read the…”

You’re a master of overlapping and styling one piece in different ways. Give us a tip or two, please.

I am a really cheap person and given I would get only two new pairs of clothing all year during my childhood, I repeated clothes like a maniac. So yeah, it’s no big deal. One big tip – REPEAT, BUT DIFFERENTLY EACH TIME.

Swipe right to see me wearing the same turtleneck through the week! Gross right?🤓 But, which look would you pick? 😎🔥 Photographs by @mixtape_photography 🌸

822 Likes, 41 Comments – Dolly Singh � Spill The Sass (@spill_the_sass) on Instagram: “Swipe right to see me wearing the same turtleneck through the week! Gross right?🤓 But, which look…”

I’ve got some quick question for you, ready?


Choose one:

Sneakers or heels – Sneakers all the way

Boyfriend jeans or high-slit skirt – Boyfriend jeans

Neon or nude lips – Nudes. I’m more of a lip balm person, anyway.

Checks/florals or monotones – Florals. Flowers make me really happy, in any form.


Which trend do you want to get rid of immediately?

Oh man, high-low hems.


What’s your favorite fashion magazine?

I love magazines mostly for their imagery and editorials. So all mainstream ones work. New Indian mags like Platform and Street Style Spotlight are fantastic, too.

Reveal one fun fact about you.

I eat like a pig, but you can’t tell.


What’s your favourite lip shade?

Rome from Nyx soft matte range.

What takes up most of the space in your closet?

Jeans. No matter how much I deny, I’m still a regular jeans and tee girl.


One thing you like to splurge on without calculating your budget?

Ugh, shoes. I have like 25-30 pairs, and there is no stopping.

My Cinderella Shoes.

195 Likes, 4 Comments – Dolly Singh � Spill The Sass (@spill_the_sass) on Instagram: “My Cinderella Shoes.”

Lastly, you made Myrtle hop around public toilets in pink ruffles and bright yellow socks. What do you imagine yourself wearing in your wildest dreams?


Dreams change. If asked today, I would wear an all-white fur coat (*cough faux fur cough*). So yeah, just the coat.

Image source: Spill The Sass Instagram 

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