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Fashion Alert: Share warmth in style

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  •  November 11, 2014


Psst! We told you how we cannot get over the collection of Andraab. Yesterday we reached Andraab’s store to experiment with wrapping styles of its hand-woven Pashmina shawls/scarves. Hello, winter is almost knocking our doors!

This season do one good thing to your wardrobe. Invest in quality shawls and scarves. And promise us to not wrap it in the same old circa 1990s way. While experimenting with Andraab’s hand-woven collection, we have come up with 8 new styles that you can make a statement with!

The Flowy Turban


Why not take inspiration from Rajasthan’s world-famous tradition of turban! This style just imitates its way of tying. Easy, right? It looks best with fitted pants.



Just do the ‘Gandhi’. This simple look will give a philosophical touch to your personality. Just pin it up from shoulders and let its soft flow do the magic. Wearable during a quiet evening with friends.

European Loop


Quite simple to wrap. Fold the scarf in half creating a fold at one end and two loose ends at the other side. Drape the middle of the scarf around your neck, with the two ends on the left side and a loop on the right side—each facing forward. Slip the two loose ends through the loop and tighten. The style is formal-chic and yes, English.

Classic Drape


Gazal-night style? Check. Literature fest style? Check. Brunch with girlfriends? Check. So what if this style is age-old? We love it anyway.

Turtle neck


Let the men drool over your ring-a-round approach.



The messy it gets, the perfect it reflects. Let one side of the stole look like a waterfall. Best thing about this style – it looks best with both western and ethnic wear.

Modern Loop


If your stole has some awesome hand embroidery at the ends, this style is the right way to flaunt it. Go lady!

Men’s Tie


Men’s tie is not men’s anymore. Women have been wearing ties since ages and they are nailing it. Experiment the same with stole and you are ready to rule the runway!

Want more stole-draping styles? Check here.

Sigh, isn’t Andraab’s collection to die for? Show them some love on their Facebook page and in return, the label promises to give you the shawl-wrapped warmth.

PS – Falling in love with Andraab’s hand-woven Pashmina has a lot to do with Kasmir and Persian heritage. Explore the ‘heaven on earth’ with ‘Kashmir Caravans’.

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