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Exclusive: SheThePeople.Tv’s Founder Shaili Chopra Tells How To “Boost Your Business” Online

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  •  April 29, 2016


Shaili Chopra, a journalist, a television news presenter, an author of three books, and now an entrepreneur has been successful in gathering a lot of prestigious feathers in her proverbial cap of achievements.

She has been the proud recipient of  India’s biggest journalism honour ‘The Ramnath Goenka Award for best in Business Journalism’, among many others.

In short, she is one hell of a woman!

What inspired you to start SheThePeople.Tv?

Shaili: I truly believe in the power of women and just how amazingly they can do so much. I wanted to tell their stories since the person in me is always alive to inspiration and ideas. And thus, storytelling women became a mission.

In India, over 60 million women are set to get online. From leaders, game-changers, board members, executives and entrepreneurs to sportswomen and politicians, every woman engaging in her goals and we are all set to change the conversation about them. We believe we can be an active, positive part of that change!

SheThePeople is their platform. A video storytelling space that inspires women, strengthens their efforts, exchanges leadership ideas, fosters networking and reinforces their ability to contribute to growth. Through our special videos on SheThePeople.TV we are presenting the modern Indian woman a platform to discuss and share the challenges faced by this up-tapped leadership community. We are investing in women, and they are investing in us.

JWB: What is your personal vision regarding the event that is going to take place in Jaipur?

Shaili: SheThePeople & Facebook want to reach as many women as possible in Jaipur to share and discuss the power of social media. ‘Boost Your Business’ has been envisaged as an effort to empower women with the ideal tools that can help them leverage their business online. It’s an opportunity for women to acquire new skills, to maximize business returns through social media and become a social brand.

We invite women achievers, work from home entrepreneurs, small business owners, social media managers, startup founders to be part of a spectacular conversation, and a workshop to learn how to leverage social media better for your business.

JWB: What exactly would women be able to learn from this event?

Shaili: The main effort of the event is to help women understand how to use social media beyond leisure and sharing. To build a brand. To build their business. To grow themselves.

JWB: How does social media provide aid to enterprises?

Shaili: Today social media is not only an aid to enterprise, but it can also be the enterprise itself. Hundreds and thousands of businesses have mushroomed online via social platforms like Facebook. The idea is to use that for business. Enterprise and its products should be where the people are, which is online.


JWB: What are your views on business networking through social media?

Shaili: I have been a big supporter of networking. I believe that’s a very important link in the growth of any business, brand or leader. Social media breaks barriers, opens access across geographies and becomes an enabler.

JWB: Some tips for creating a personal brand on social media?

1. Be honest
2. Engage with people
3. Showcase your skills
4. Use digital as an enabler

JWB: According to you, what is the biggest challenge faced by a woman aspiring to be an entrepreneur?

Shaili: The biggest challenge is themselves. Women need to raise their own benchmarks and fight their inner battles so they can overcome doubt and unleash their potential.

JWB: What are the other ways through which an online business can obtain funding?

Shaili: There are many ways. From telling your stories via platforms like SheThePeople to joining and presenting with crowd-funding platforms – the opportunities are one and many.

JWB: From a journalist to a businesswoman, what has your journey been like?

Shaili: It’s just been a rollercoaster! Every day I would look in the mirror and ask myself – Life is calling, where are you? And so I went from a cub reporter at CNBC, to the startup editorial team at NDTV Profit and later the face of Times group’s ETNOW. I promptly quit when I saw that digital would threaten television, I wanted to be ahead of the curve. And so here I am …starting up all again.

JWB: Television presenters are always supposed to look presentable and beautiful. How one can find that balance between body positivity and career perquisites?

Shaili: Being beautiful is an attitude. It’s not a powder.

JWB: Men often use golf courses to hash out business deals. What about women? Where according to you can women do the same? Also, why is still golf considered as a man’s sport?

Shaili: Ooh. Women do, too! Deals are deals and dealmakers are dealmakers. You play golf if you love it and business needs it. In India golf is still considered male dominated because not enough women have taken to it. However if you ask me – it’s one wonderful sport that women should take up because it lends itself not only to their brains, beauty, and lifestyle, it’s something they can use to network, too.

JWB: Which books currently sit on your bedside table?

Shaili: Chillies and Porridge by Mita Kapur, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, Own It by Aparna Jain

JWB: When you were 25,

You loved: My career

You preached: Nothing. I just don’t preach.

You read: Business books


JWB:  Your life in a hashtag?

Shaili: #Madness

Don’t forget to circle 5th May on your calendars, ladies! SheThePeople.Tv is providing you with an excellent opportunity to learn more about the perks of social media, which are bound to help you generate greater profits for your business.

PS: Want to participate in Boost Your Business? Well, click here, and register for free.

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