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Everyone Should Have The Right To Choose Their Gender: Sneha Roy, Tripura’s First Openly Trans Woman

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  •  July 26, 2019

Of late, India’s transgender community has been on the path of gaining their right to respect and acceptance, yet some states in our nation still don’t have a visible LGBTQ+ community. In the list of those states, Tripura’s queer community still lives in silence in a state which is still in denial over alternative sexual orientations.

This makes Tripura’s Sneha Gupta Roy seem like nothing less than a revolution, as she is the state’s first openly trans person who underwent a gender reassignment surgery more than a decade ago even though she had zero emotional and financial support from her family.

Today, she is an entrepreneur, a sculptor, and a businesswoman and recently organized Rup Teliamura 2019, a beauty pageant in Khowai district.

“I believe everyone should have the right to choose their gender and it is strictly a personal issue. We should work furiously, make an identity for ourselves. If you can do something that makes you stand out from the crowd, you will automatically set an example,” Roy shared.

She remembers the time when struggling with gender identity in the 1990s, she thought about undergoing a gender reassignment surgery in the late 1990s but was severely criticized by everyone except her mother. Her mother finally gave her consent in 2009 and Roy underwent the surgery. Though the gender reassignment procedures ended in 2011, the hormone therapy and counseling following it often forced her to reconsider her decision.

But she bravely faced those toughest days of her life and is today a successful individual and a happily married woman.

“Those who are still hiding in the shadows about their gender identity or preferences should come out in public. They have committed no crime,” Sneha said.

H/T: The Indian Express



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