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E-Id: JWB Turns Lakh Bangles Of Musarrat Jahan Into A Business Worth Lacs

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  •  July 13, 2016


Under JWB’s E-Id Campaign we pledged to bring the businesses of Jaipur Muslim women online and expand their endeavors through technology.

JWB took the lakh bangle business of Musarrat Jahan online through various mediums and connected it to a potential clientele globally.

Before we decided to expand Jahan’s business, she was selling these handcrafted bangles and chudiyan at a small shop under the name‘Apsara’ at Maniharon Ka Rasta, Jaipur, which limited her scope and reach. But now, with the online approach, her work will reach millions of admirers of her craft.

After creating and managing the platforms of e-commerce for a few days, it was time to explain Musarrat and her family about the same.

So, we invited them to JWB Office where Dr. Sudhir, co-founder JWB, informed them about the progress we’ve made so far and how they can take it forward.IMG_4298

Dr. Sudhir showed them the Facebook page created with the name, ‘Apsara’ and how every day different bangles from their collection has being uploaded.

“These are hashtags, and it improves your post visibility,” explained Dr. Sudhir.IMG_4358

Her daughter keenly listened as Dr. Sudhir demonstrated the process of posting their items, step-by-step.

Musarrat’s husband said, “It will take us some time to get a hang of it. But, our daughters are very intelligent, they’ll learn quickly.”IMG_4293

Dr. Sudhir assured him that JWB would be tracking their growth and helping them in online promotions till the time they can handle it properly.

He also elucidated about the various e-commerce sites through which they can sell their bangles. JWB had already registered and created their accounts on Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal.IMG_4326

Dr. Sudhir said, “These are the most popular merchandise selling sites and will boost your business immensely. However, you have to upload your designs regularly and mention their prices. And, always mention your shop address.”

After covering the social media, e-commerce sites, Dr. Sudhir pointed out the importance of direct reach through technology and how they can do it.

“We will print a banner and hang it in your shop so that your existing clientele can be informed about your online business operation. Also, you have to develop a detailed database of your customers.”IMG_4319

“We’ll devise messages for various offers and announcement of the new collection, etc. Our team will then e-mail and Whatsapp them to your customers,” he explained them further.

Also, our photographer, Sanchit, would be conducting a photo-shoot of their collection, which they can upload on social media and sites.

In the end, Dr. Sudhir excitedly revealed about the stall JWB have registered for ‘Apsara’ at the upcoming lifestyle exhibition, Tattletales, where they’ll be exhibiting their collection.

Musarrat Jahan and her husband’s face lit up with this news, and they thanked us repeatedly for our efforts.

“We really want your business to grow multifold, and we’ll do everything to help you in it,” Dr. Sudhir concluded.IMG_4333

Musarrat Jahan said, “We cannot thank you enough for whatever you are doing for us. Allah aap sabko salamat rakhe.”

P.S. Do visit ‘Apsara’ at Tattletales exhibition happening on July 16th and 17th at The Forresta Kitchen & Bar and pick up their beautifully handcrafted bangles.

Also, please like their Facebook page, Apsara Bangles, here.

Photo Courtesy

Sanchit Sethi

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