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Dr. Seema Anand Tells You About The Art Of Seduction

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  •  February 5, 2016


“Start tickling each other and everything else will happen automatically.” Yes, this is what Lord Shiva said to the first man and woman of the universe when they were looking for a way to consummate the irresistible desire that they felt for each other.

There seem to be a very few who could match the stellar oratory skills of Dr. Seema Anand when she starts to give a lecture on the art of seduction. The video of the 14-minute long speech that Seema gave as part of the much sought after TEDx talks is surely a must watch for everybody who thinks sex is simply the act of mating between two humans.

“Why would Kamasutra consider lessons in quail fighting or handicrafts important for the art of seduction? According to the books, there are more than 60 lessons that are essential for a woman to learn to understand all the aspects of the many ways of love,” Seema says these words in front of an audience listening in rapt attention.

Btw, if you are one of those who think it is only the woman who needs to be ‘paradarshi’ in the art of seduction and men have nothing to do, then, it’s about time you do a reality check.

As Seema says, much like the women knowing about the many ways of seduction, a man has to know how to satisfy a woman. It is only when the man understands that the woman he loves stands on an equal footing and both of them complement each other perfectly, that the many ways of seduction mentioned in Kamasutra will be of any use. Well, there is surely need for more such talks by people like Dr. Anand, where people can understand the immense need of sex-awareness.

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