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Dr. Bhavi Mody Discusses ‘Holistic Feeling’ Approach To Treating Modern Age Health Issues

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  •  October 21, 2017

She is a gold medalist with 20 years of experience and above 50 published articles to her name.

Dr. Bhavi Mody is a Holistic Healer, Homeopathic Specialist, Nutritionist and Women Health Expert. As a part of her social outreach initiative, she has conducted multiple camps for Osteoporosis, Asthma, Women’s Health, and Childcare. Commemorating her outstanding work and holistic approach to healthcare, she was honored with the ‘We Are The City Rising Stars Award India’ in 2016 in the Health and Well-being category.

Dr. Mody is the Founder and Director at Vrudhi Holistic Health Care, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Edupsyche and Founder and Owner at Vrudhi Homeopathic and Wellness Centre. Whoa! That’s so much of work. I can feel the pressure even while writing this and out of curiosity I found out how she manages it all.

Your experience and expertise has allowed you to develop a multidisciplinary client-centric approach, how does it make your practice unique?

Through out my journey, I have very closely worked with the mental health domain. When we offer our services or talk to our clients, we look at the mental and physical quotient and come up with a solution. So our portal or my practice believes in strategies for mind & body equilibrium. When you talk of homeopathy, it is a science wherein you consider their physical appearance & their life history like what was their reaction to certain situations, what is their will, their drive, etc. Accordingly, we paint a picture of the patient, then we choose a correct remedy that suits him. When we have two patients for thyroid, the treatment will not be similar for both of them. It is very individualistic, it is very tailor-made. Bringing in mental health has helped me understand the cycle of the patient much better.

You believe in “Human approach to holistic feeling.” Tell us more.

By holistic feeling, I mean giving only medicine doesn’t complete the treatment. You need to get the patient to change their lifestyle, their food habits, etc., and we strive to give a holistic treatment wherein we are not only treating the illness but understanding what is causing it and finding its root. For example, young girls these days are being diagnosed with PCOD, so we tried to reveal what is going on with women that leads to the increase in the cases. The addiction to the phone, add to this the changing sleeping habits that lack regular patterns – this all results in the hormonal changes that depend on the algorithm of the body. The cause of the problem was alterred rhythms of the body. We talk to patients and help them make lifestyle changes to create a healthy mind and body.

When you talk about youth’s health being affected by technology, what are some healthy lifestyle choices they can make?

What I suggest is an hour without any electronic gadgets. For example, the dinner time in my house is supposed to be the time for family bonding and sharing our daily experiences. Parents should set an example for their kids, because you cannot use your phone all the time and expect your kid to not use it. It is more about talking to them about it rather than just telling them.


So, while we’re talking about health issues that are born out of the modern age, tell our women readers what they should be aware of.

The issues cropping out today are mainly lifestyle issues that impact young girls as well as middle-aged women. Diabetes, thyroid, hypertension, PCOS, etc. are some examples. The kind of fast-paced life and stress we live today; and women fall flat during this race more then men. In the bargain to do well in life, the adrenal glands are continually secreting cortisol – that is the stress hormone. So beyond a point the body breaks and the hormonal shift gives rise to so many problems and different issues.

How can this be taken care of?

We suggest deep breathing exercises, being mindful, and doing calm activities. You have to bond with nature and more importantly reconnect with self because if you are not happy you cannot make others happy. All health issues of today boils down to the fact that people are not eating right or resting right. The biological clock needs to be set right, people should drink enough water. The small changes will eventually become your core. Exercising might become something that you like, it shouldn’t necessarily mean ‘hitting the gym,’ it can mean taking walks, etc. It is more about taking charge of your own health.

Suggest ways for women to make their bodies ready for winter.

Seasonal changes are a big issue. Nourishment to the skin and hair is essential. If you want to pick natural remedies, Aloe Vera is very helpful for dry skin and hair. I recommend this magic plant almost for all skin ailments as it has miraculous sun blocking and healing properties.

In clothing, I advise people to switch to layered cotton clothes. Cotton clothes are suitable for Indian weathers. If woolens are harsh for baby skin or people can develop allergies from woolen clothes, cotton is the most suitable.

Discuss homeopathy for child care and mother care.

Homeopathy helps enhance in child the inherent mechanism to fight diseases. It’s main objective is to boost immunity to a level which makes the child capable of battling illness on its own.


You are also working to establish homeopathy as an evidence-based scientific method of healing.

Yes, I have a couple of thyroid cases with before and after reports through which we are trying to prove that over a period the illness was treated. We also collect patient testimonials, videos, etc. where they talk about their experience and how they have been benefitted. For, eg. I have a patient who is a surgical oncologist, and he came for treatment to me, he has sent a video where he speaks about how homeopathy has changed his life not only after treating his recurring sinusitis but also with his ITS. Without resorting to allopathy, someone from the allopathic fraternity has given his trust to homeopathy, it means something.

You are also the founder of Edupsyche, that makes mental health accessible and affordable to all. What’s your role in this organization?

We had developed an application called MentaGram. The app connected users with mental health professionals like psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, remedial teachers and special educators. The app is no longer available but Edupsyche as a company is still on and now we are into training mental health professionals. Unfortunately, according to the protocol, we can’t enter the mental health treatment or other services.


Balancing all this might be tough, what is your routine like?

I believe that we need to check our priorities. Delay what can be done later and accomplish what needs immediate attention. I plan my day as well as my week ahead of time. Like I told you, my family time is crucial to me; I look forward to having the time at the dinner table where all four of us share how our day went and is up next. I schedule my time to make sure I get this time with my family.

All my patients know that even if I am available on Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger, I will only reply when I see it. We need to communicate our things very clearly, that if it is urgent, drop a call; if it can wait, just send a message and wait for the reply. And you have to stick to what you say, you should reply if you said you will, which makes them trust you or they will just keep calling.

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