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Don’t Miss This Walk-Through Of Zoya Akhtar’s Calm And Artsy Sea-Side Bungalow

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  •  June 29, 2018

One of my favourite pastimes that never fails to leave me refreshed is flipping through the pages of an interior magazine. Though scrolling through the interior galleries of Instagram is kinda the new thing, but nothing could be better than having someone give you a walk-through of their home, right?

These walk-through-home videos can keep my brother and me hooked to the screen for hours. He, being an interior designer, might watch them with an eye, but I sit along just as starry-eyed; the personal touch that pours in with the habitants’ thoughts flowing along, takes the experience beyond the visual pleasure. So needless to say, I couldn’t have missed the recently out video of Zoya Akhtar’s beautiful, sea-facing house – part of the Asian Paints campaign that introduces viewers to a home that’s alive with memories of the past, joy in the present and hope for the future.

Zoya Akhtar's Home

Serene and undisturbed, the bungalow sits in the middle of Bandra, the much popular locality of Mumbai. And oh my, I still haven’t gotten over the sight of the minimally designed white window-sitting arena of her room!

“I grew up on the sea, it’s a big part of my life and what I am,” Zoya speaks sitting facing the sea. “This house has got a lot of history, which all the rooms and walls resonate. And it’s seen some crazy times.”

Owned by her parents since the ‘70s, Zoya has seen her home seamlessly transform through the years. It is a testament to a rich past that comes alive with memories when Zoya reminisces about days gone by, “it has hosted musicians, literary geniuses, parties and poetry readings. Not built by me, but it’s a big part of me.”
Zoya Akhtar's Home

Now an extension of who Zoya is, it has many walls painted white. She claims that it gives her the freedom to introduce colour, which brings her home alive, and decorating with art and textiles, makes it an amalgamation of styles.

Oh and, every piece of furniture in the house has a purpose. The aviated chairs in her living room from the 1950s are to add a little bit of funk to the otherwise formal room. But talk about Zoya’s favourite spot, and she takes you to the large and airy room that has comfortable couches surrounding a wooden centre table, which is carved out of a tree trunk. “This is where I do most of my writing.” 

Zoya Akhtar's Home

Those cabinets are filled with DVDs that tell of Zoya’s love for films.

Another favourite spot of Zoya is her study. Books across genres – literature, photography, cooking – fill her shelves up. And while she doesn’t mind lending you some of her books, but she’s very particular about having them back!

Talking about her sanctuary at home, she enters her bedroom. The room where she does nothing but sleep – no work, nothing, she stresses. “The sea outside my bedroom window takes me to a different world altogether. And the huge world map on the wall inspires me to plan my travels.” But if her bedroom is her sanctuary, the garden outside is her sanctum – the official party zone at home, and when she’s not throwing a party, it is her very own patch of nature to sit, read, and reflect.

Asian Paints Where The Heart Is Season 2 featuring Zoya Akhtar

It has seen artists, actors, musicians, parties and poetry readings; Zoya Akhtar’s breezy sea-side home is made of stories and fond memories. Come, explore the home that she grew up in with us, in season 2 of Asian Paints Where The Heart Is.

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