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Dogger-In-Chief Hitchhikes Petxi & Chills With Co-Founder Priya Kailad

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  •  November 15, 2017


Poppy, our Dogger-in-chief, was caught paw-handed last night trying to elope to Pune. We investigated the whole scene and found out that Poppy had been lured by vroom of Petxi, a pet-taxi founded by Pune’s Priya Kailad and Aditya Makharia.

We promised Poppy a telephonic conversation with Priya, so that our furry boss can woof-up her queries.


Over to you poppy. Woof on!

Poppy: Bhow, bhow, Ma’am! Petxi is a pawsome idea. I think that my Momma should take me for an evening ride today. Do you also have kids like me? How did you come up with this idea of a pet-taxi?

Priya: Hi Poppy! I’m sure you will be happy to know that I have four dog-kids in the office and one at home. When my husband and I were nurturing 12 puppies, we faced some difficulties while traveling together. This is how we decided to work on the idea of Petxi.

Poppy: I can smell that you are a very good mother.

(Poppy licks her paw-set and tries to sniff Priya over the phone.)

Poppy: I generally prefer soft music and EDM when I’m hungry. I have my own playlist at home, so I was wondering if Petxi has a good playlist for my ride?

Priya: We always make sure that you have the best music. Usually, we play 80’s retro, but you can suggest your favorite songs. You can also dedicate songs to your long- distance lovers! Petxi makes sure that our riders spread the best woof-of-mouth.


Poppy: Do you offer food and drinks services too?

Priya: I knew that Poppy will ask this question. Don’t worry we have a good stock of biscuits, chew sticks, and other kinds of snacks for the ride. We will also provide a cold water bowl, in case you start drooling while enjoying the breeze.

(Poppy starts drooling already.)

Poppy: I do not like to trim my nails and I love to flaunt my teeth. Are your drivers well-trained? Also, I prefer sitting in the front seat. I hope you do not have a problem with that?

Priya: When we interview our drivers, we make sure they are patient, they love dogs and their love-scratch-bites!

(Poppy wags her tail in approval.)

So you do not have to worry about the driver, they even carry pups in their lap. You can happily sit in the front seat and make conversations with the driver. He would love to know about you and your interests.


Poppy: Since my name is Poppy and I am a party pooper, I generally love the company of my friends when I’m traveling. Can my gang come for a ride?

(Poppy slows down her woof-spers.)

Can I bring my boyfriends?

Priya: You can fit as many friends in your car and have your own car party. Your boyfriends are invited too. Interestingly, the name of one of my doggy-sons in our office is also Poppy! I’m sure you will make a good couple.

(Poppy blushes and controls her saliva.)

Poppy: So if I share the name with your dog, will I have a free ride in your car?

(Poppy tries to be smart.)

Priya: I see you are a very smart girl. We provide hourly kilometer packages for home pets like you and 12 rupees per kilometer for your stray friends.


Poppy: Not only I am smart, but I am also a well-behaved dog.

(The whole office stares at Poppy. She ignores the reactions.)

But my friends are rowdy and they usually like to check things in the car. What if they cause any damage? Though I will make sure they do not, but in case, who will be responsible for it?

Priya: Of course the culprit will be punished. However, we anticipate such activities caused by your stray friends, so we are a kinder to them. Sometimes they become scared in the car and puke, tear seat covers and leashes, but we understand them.

Poppy: Did I hear Leash?

Priya: We tie our riders with leash and collar so that they do not panic but we make sure that guests do not feel uncomfortable. Once we had a stray dog, Fairy, and she shredded covers and leash into four pieces and ran away with chew sticks in her mouth.

Poppy: I am very open-minded. I believe in diversity. So there are Iris, Fiona, and Lily, my cat friends, Freya, my bird friend, Honey, my fishy friend, and many others. Can they travel with me?

Priya: Even if you have elephant babies as your friends and they can fit in the car, they are welcome. As we aim towards the social welfare, we will never reject your company.

Poppy: Talking about the social welfare, I feel sad to see some of my friends on road. How do you promote their adoption?

Priya: We have our car services connected with every adoption center in Pune. We try our best to spread awareness for adoption camps. We take our human guests to these camps if they wish to adopt. It would be great if you could pass this message to your mother also!


Poppy: Ms. Priya, I am delighted to know about Petxi. I will woof-spread information to my friends and followers on paw-book, Insta-paw, and on our personal Pawssup chat group! Say my Bhow-Bhow to your Poppy!

Poppy hangs up her paw-set and goes for a good nap. Petxi dreams to all!

Petxi is expanding to Mumbai shortly, and if you are in Pune, contact Petxi at 8390944337

This article was first published in April 2017.

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