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Dipti Ramseshu Helps Youth Articulate Their Dreams With Confidence Through Her Unique Initiative

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  •  May 23, 2018

Dipti Ramseshu has created a better future for more than 1,50,000 youth through her company Born to Win Services. She has been designing programmes for government school children for the past 15 years, and is responsible for changing thousands of lives. Dipti was conferred the Achiever Award by FKCCI (Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry), recently.

We talk about the programmes she develops, the challenges she had faced, and also the lives she touched. 

“I have always been passionate about empowering the youth. I used to be an economics teacher in Mumbai, and that’s when I realized that I connect with youth so well.”


And, how did it all begin?

I went to Bangalore and started a company along with my husband. We saw that youth struggle with finding clarity and discovering what they want to do in their life. Often this affects their esteem, and this concern became our main focus. We initiated a programme for youngsters. Later, we developed a one-day programme called “I am a winner programme” for the 9th  and 10th grade students and college goers. It was our way to give back to society.

What do you think is causing this confusion among students?

I think that in our education system, we have always focused on marks, percentage, and grades. So, there is a very little focus on the overall strength of a person. Scoring good in Math and Science is considered very good, but if you score the same in a subject like History or Geography, then you are seen quiet average. I think parents play a huge role here. I have seen that parents push their children into STEM fields, and very often this is not what the child wants. I do not think that in 9th and 10th standard, schools are well equipped to guide students and develop them, hence students pursue which may not necessarily be something they are good at.

So what do you think can be done to change this current situation?

I think what the education system needs is to focus on the all-round development of the child, not just one subject or one stream. Students should be motivated to explore other areas too, like sports and debates. Another thing is that privileged families have resources to send their children to good educational institutes, classes, and courses, but what about the underprivileged? So my programme is aimed at those who lack such opportunities.

What are the essentials that constitute the programme?

Our one-day programmes give students the opportunity to articulate for the first time what they want to become in life, and what their dreams are. It helps them to think, and more importantly, it gives them the freedom to do so. The programme is built on the concept that “If I believe I can, then I can become anything I want.”

Since this programme is free, how do you manage to get people on board?

We invite volunteers from various organizations. It is a two-way process. The volunteers who help out for the first time, build their own confidence and for them helping others is very satisfying.

Also, we are partners with Rotary, and they are of huge help when it comes to any assistance. Money is something that is very easy to give, but in a programme like this, what we really need is to provide time and effort.

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