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Didjya Know, JWB’s Komal Is A Metal Songstress?

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  •  October 17, 2015


Seriously? Women in metal bands? This is unreal. NOT.

JWB’s team is one of the most envied squads of Jaipur. Reason? We have girls like Komal as one of the bloggers!

Komal is the lead singer in the city-based Progressive Goth Metal Band – ‘Fragile Silence’. I got to witness her awesomeness at one of the rock shows that took place in our city a few days ago.35

For some reason, the world of heavy metal has not always accepted women, unless they are scantily clad or are topless. This is because most of us think that women cannot rock just as hard as men. Happy to state, Komal is successfully battling one of the most male dominated genres in music – heavy metal.43

After extensive writing sessions, Komal’s band recorded their first song named after the band’s name in 2010. In the rock show that I am talking about, she sang 5 songs non-stop that are originally written by her band. 44Not to mention, the crowd went bonkers seeing a woman holding the mic and crooning in accord with the loud tunes of guitars and drums. Boy, she definitely made the head-banging a thing that night!15

Since Komal’s work-station is right next to me, I asked a little more about her life so far. She told, “I don’t remember the day when I first started to sing. No kiddin’ but I was a toddler who was still learning to walk before I learnt humming. I was always the enthusiastic one who participated in every single competition of the Pink City. 5 years back, I formed this band with some awesome musicians of my age. Today, we jam regularly and have even recorded few songs that you can check out on my YouTube channel.”41

Yes, she has her own YouTube channel that, we found, is decently famous.

With both the parents as bankers, Komal knew she couldn’t please their parenting with a career in music. So when she decided to work with JWB, we happily procured her. After all, she writes so well! Seeing this lady-stud in our office is a delight, trust me. However, Komal’s vision is clear – to be a celebrated musician one day, holding her Grammy to a high higher than her tall 5’6’’ frame.40

Okay, I need to stop fangirling over Komal already. Let the pictures do the talking now.

Are we proud, you may ask! Duh, why is this even a question?

Photo courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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