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Diary of the PriceLess Togetherness: Mr. Vivek and Mrs. Shuchi Chaturvedi

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  •  October 17, 2014


It is time for the second couple to live through the Day of PriceLess togetherness. Along with Nayaab Jewels, we celebrated PriceLess campaign to double the joy of Karwa Chauth and to add more lovable moments into the life of two married people. We believe that happiness can be found in small things. And not every beautiful little happiness is expensive, yet PriceLess.


For this, Nayaab Jewels gave Rs. 10,000 to Mr. Vivek and Mrs. Shuchi Chaturvedi, married for 10 years now, to help them rediscover happiness in 5 small priceless activities. Read below the diary of Shuchi that she wrote on the same night of that beautiful day.


I know it is late but I just cannot sleep! Gosh, I and Vivek had such a Nayaab day. Amidst the mechanical lives, today came as an opportunity for us to revive our married life. It was surely a Cupid’s gift.


We grabbed this day with tight fists and some whacky gigs in a hope to relive those little priceless moments like walking down the streets that we did while dating. We were supposed to do 5 such activities.


We began with a crazy thing – decorating an auto-rickshaw with ribbons, balloons, stickers and a board with message ‘Happily Married’. And, we decided to travel in it for the whole day!




Oh, how we enjoyed it. Everyone on the roads would slow down their vehicles and look with amazement on their faces. Some would stop us to get their pictures clicked while others would just use their mobile phones to catch the Nayaab moment. With all this love being showered on us by strangers, we thought why not buy some goodies and chocolates for them in return?


We quickly got down at the nearby confectionery & gifts shop and bought chocolates and toys…making sure we would give something to every age. So next time anyone looked at us and our crazy-driven rickshaw, we would thank them with chocolates.

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I cannot explain in words the smile on my love’s face throughout. With the hectic business to handle, I suddenly realized how we were missing on some small happy moments. His smile brought tears in my eyes.

As our brave driver was driving the amusing ride, I noticed some street-chaat vendors on the roadside near Jal-Mahal. Already 5pm, I began to wonder how much they manage to earn daily. Is that enough to feed their families and educate their little ones? Vivek and I spoke about our 2 little girls – and how we have been providing them everything they need and desire for. We stopped the rickshaw, and with toys in our hands, went upto these vendors.


“Please take this gun-toy for your kid”, Vivek said to one of them. He continued, “And tell your kids that you have bought it.” His humbleness put this vendor on hold, and he kept staring at Vivek for few seconds. His silence was his thanking. I felt immense joy inside. Truly said, absolute happiness can be realized when you give it to others.


We turned the rickshaw towards the new city area and decided to enjoy evening tea at a place very close to our heart. This place is located in C-scheme, very close to Jaipur Hot Breads. 18 years back when this place wasn’t very developed, there used to be a tea shop under a tree. Vivek, I and our friends used to sip hot tea in the evenings. Ah, nostalgic.


As students, we never had enough money to go to a fancy place and enjoy food. So places like this used to be our second home where we would meet and gossip. Today when we have money to spend, we lack time. But we changed this irony this very evening. Together with Nayaab Jewels team, we both sat on small stools and enjoyed tea, roasted groundnuts and biscuits with lots of chatting. Great time that adds to my Nayaab memories forever!


Vivek has always loved to pamper himself, and hence, he loves going to get spas. Whenever he would ask me, my reply was simply a plain NO. Today also he popped up the same question and I said ‘why not?’ Vivek guided the rickshaw-wallah towards Spa Salon and told me ‘Shuchi, you will love their foot massage’. I was more than ready.


Those 45 minutes seemed to be the best in my life. Sitting side by side, Vivek and I were holding hands throughout the session, as he said: ‘See dear, such moments are also precious. Try to get some time off for yourself…for us. Work is not always important’. His words spoken with compassion touched my heart like never before. He has said the same things many a times, but today they seem to make a difference.


After feeling refreshed, we bounced back to our normal self and decided to do an activity that requires lots of energy. We went to play Billiards.


Vivek and I used to play this regal game a lot in Delhi where we went to complete studies. It has been years, and I wasn’t able to score. At that, hubby dear came to my rescue and put one of the balls at the extreme table corner and said – ‘Shuchi, let me be your savior. Grab this opportunity and score!’




Ha-ha, he is lovable. Right now, he is sitting by my side doing his official work on his laptop, and he has no idea I am writing this diary about our Nayaab adventures. Until it is published on Nayaab Jewels and JWB pages, all my happy feelings will remain a surprise for him.


How can a romantic day end without a passionate dinner date? I so wanted to go out with him to eat a scrumptious meal. There is a bar-lounge in the city which is our favorite and we haven’t been able to go there since our daughters…because kids aren’t allowed there, and we don’t go out without them anymore. So today was a chance.


Vivek pointed out how we have stopped going for dates after kids. Today I have promised to myself that I will not be smitten by my work and will never give him another chance to complain.


This campaign has made me feel more deserving and special. I’ve realized I can live the happy moments provided I start demanding from my life. Right now it seems we both have given up in front of our responsibilities…but after this day, I think we won’t let our love hide behind the routine or the work, the kids or the family.


I still remember how Vivek used to bring cartons full of Cadbury Perk chocolate from Delhi for me when this chocolate wasn’t available in Jaipur. Similarly, I will try to take out quality time for him with the same passion and making the same efforts like he made. Thank you Nayaab Jewels and Jaipur Women Blog for this little yet priceless lesson.

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