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Diary 2: Lehar of a Simple Hello

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  •  July 28, 2014

Here, our protagonist, Shweta Singh, has stepped into the 7-day Lehar campaign. During this adventurous week, she will be supported by Femina Lifestyle, all-women store at Raja Park, and Style n Scissors salon, spa and academy. Femina Lifestyle is dressing her up, while Style n Scissors is experimenting with her look. Shweta herself will do a new task everyday to bring the fresh lehar in her life. Following is the excerpts from her diary she has been writing:

“Today I am kick starting my drive of bringing about simple yet effective changes in my daily routine – to break monotony via the ‘Lehar Campaign’. The first new thing I did echoes my strong thoughts on connecting more & sharing more. I expressed my opinion prior that we all need to take a break from our ‘oh so dear cell phones’ & all kind of electronic gadgets which have seriously overtaken our lives while diminishing our social abilities & instincts day by day. I myself was a victim of the fashion & still in the ‘recovery’ phase. But surely there are baby steps.

So coming back to Day 1. I called up a friend who is single, very busy in her life yet has a lot to talk to me. But due to lack of time in my own life I used to always reply to her – ‘we will be meeting soon, dear.’

My life was crazy and hence, I could never find time for her or for that matter anyone. I love her and miss her terribly but finding out time was a challenge for me. So yes, I decided to prioritize my time and gave her a short call. Even better as did it follow: we both decided to meet for coffee in the sunny Sunday afternoon. Aww…I could sense her joy over this decision. We had so many things to talk, including my new Lehar look. Here it is:


But the meeting was not like in those earlier times. Then Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, official mails, deals on Myntra, etc had taken over our minds. Exactly this happened when we both met. Wisely we decided to keep aside our phones and focus on our meeting. Thankfully, we allowed each other emergency calls like from family or boss. So we set different ringtones for such emergency calls. Smart, eh!

This simple change made me realize that my friend had so much to tell & share. Today I saw what she was going through. She felt light after talking to me. Though, I’m not sure that I gave her any magical solution. Oh! How refreshing I feel myself. Time flew with her. This ‘small’ meeting has really changed something in me inside. A simple ‘hello’ message can do wonders – leave alone a 5 minute call. Phew! Having 1000 social networks is of no use if you are not there for any one of them when they truly need you.

Today I promise myself that I am going to keep up this good-change in me alive. I hope to find the ‘me time’ more often in order to connect with my buddies and family. I hope women reading my dairy today will too look up for this alteration in their lives. Let’s realize that our online games and cell phone feeds are not going anywhere but the friends get distanced by the gap we are creating daily.

Someone rightly said – ‘’Focus beats brilliance all the time.”

Ohh, thank you Femina for this beautiful Lehenga. I loved the bright colors. And ‘Style n Scissors’ for making my hair look like curls of fashionistas. The 1st day has also made me realize that adding a bit style to your everyday look is so easy and can alter your personality. All right, I am not going to take my looks easy from now on. The Jaipur Women Blog is like a magic wand in my life, I guess!


Good night ‘the new-me’!

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