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Diary 1: Lehar of a Small Change

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  •  July 26, 2014

I am so happy today. Not at all tired. Excited, thrilled and anxious to find the real me. I won an online campaign on ‘Jaipur Women Blog’ FB page. It’s been a pleasant surprise.

The campaign has a beautiful idea behind it – to create the ‘lehar’ in your life and break one deadlock. The ‘20-year old Me’ will be glad the ‘Present-Me’ participated in this campaign because I am going to make her life beautiful starting these 7 days.

Femina Lifestyle, the all-women store at Raja Park, will be sending me 7 different styles for a week. Style n Scissors will be experimenting with my hair and makeup every day. I have to click selfies of my 7 new looks! Sounds fun. Along with that I have to do a new task everyday which I have never done before. Well, this is a bit worrisome for me as it will demand a courageous and a more generous me. Let’s see. After all, pushing boundaries is what I need at the moment. But before that I need to accept few mistakes I have done few years back and how I am trying to restart everything.


Remembering my past year and life before that, I had nothing but lots of despair in my life.  Married for 8 years, I feel sorry for being a workaholic. I didn’t give the needed time to my husband and he started eating out. All that time while I was busy making money and earning promotions, I overlooked his health. My late night working hours in Genpact really took a toll on our lives. How relieved I was the day I decided to leave my job and find myself once again. But sadly, after leaving the job I couldn’t find my happiness. I slipped into depression and thoughts of ways to rescue myself. All I did was sit on my couch whole day and munch snacks. Seeing myself going on this unhealthy path, I quickly decided to join the Women’s Health Club. I desired to learn yoga for my good health and balanced mind. I still remember how it helped me revive my relations with my family and particularly with my husband.

Next step was to experiment something and I chose baking. I baked a cake for him exactly one year back today. Awww…I still cannot get over his surprised smile. I also made sure he eats the healthy food at home.



We have decided to start a family. Finally. This time I am determined to give my 100% to my child. I won’t repeat the same mistake. Only a woman can make a house, a home. I am so glad both of us took a decision to travel as much as we can before the baby in order to fill the gap formed and rediscover one another after these years. Wow! The Port Blair and Thailand trips!! I so want to go back. Let me suggest him Kashmir this time.

Hmm. I should end here now. Lots of excitement is waiting for me tomorrow. And moreover, I have decided not to delay things anymore…the sleep…the time together…the family…SELF. Women have the capability to utilize 24 hours effectively. I stanchly believe that women, working or not, can find time for herself. All that is needed is to change the perception of Self. We don’t have to make up our mind by saying we are busy, rather we should break free this limited self. I will now find small time breaks to do things that make me happy. I may be late, but I am going to learn this tactic now. Let me make myself happy. Let me spread this happiness around.

I hope with ‘Lehar’ campaign, I will be able to generate a small wave of change in the big storm of women liberty going on around us.

Have a Nice Evening the ‘Thrilled Me’

Shweta Singh

26 July, 2014; 18:00 p.m.

Read more about Lehar Campaign here.

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