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Designer Udairaj Shares How His Brand ‘Urth’ Follows The Zero-Waste Culture In This Eco Age

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  •  September 25, 2019

In a recent interview when fashion designer and environmental activist Stella McCartney questioned the industry’s ethics, it got all of us thinking. She said, “Only 1% of clothing is recycled. What are we doing?”

While some called it the current topic over cappuccinos, others like Udairaj Arora made it their mission to build a brand that not only does good to the fashionable gen-next but also contributes towards the betterment of the environment.

Over a telephone conversation, we got the 20-something Udairaj from Delhi talking about his brand Urth Label that swears by the fabulous theory of zero-waste management. Excerpts below:

How old is the brand and what made you establish it?

Urth is one-year-old, however, the idea was always there at the back of my mind. Even though I’m not a certified fashion designer, I learnt the basics and mastered the art (well, I guess so!) while at it. I love dressing myself up and those around me, if they ask for it, of course. You can say that Urth is the combination of my obsession with fashion and my determination to give back to Mother Nature.

What makes Urth different from others?

We aren’t yet a fully sustainable or organic fashion brand. However, we strictly follow the rule of leaving zero-waste. For example, the leftover fabric in our factory is never discarded but recycled and upcycled.

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Apart from this, we buy the surplus stock from export houses that is of no use to them. Every week, we collect the material and hand it over to the NGOs or schools we collaborate with. We often conduct workshops with kids teaching them activities like fabric-collage, etc.

Apart from zero waste, what other environmental principles do you follow at Urth?

Well, we are trying to use no plastic in the office. Inside the production house, we are very conscious of what falls on the floor. Also, we keep reminding one another the art of giving back to nature.

Your website says you’re collecting money for trees. What’s the plan?

Urth has pledged to take care of the old trees in the city and plant some new ones. Towards the cause, a certain percentage from the total sale is kept aside every month.

Who do you consider is your biggest inspiration?

It has to be Adrian Grenier, who is the co-founder of Lonely Whale Foundation and was appointed as the goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme in 2017.

Do you think Urth has been able to create a niche for itself?

Definitely! They are the young minds who understand our mission and are wise enough to wear meaningful fashion. Urth has got a super amazing customer care team that helps us bond with our clients even more. We love their feedback, for example, the ones that say how our package boxes are totally stylish and reusable!

What message do you have for our readers so they adapt a sustainable lifestyle?

The designers who are creating an eco-friendly fashion are sacrificing a good amount of their profits to undo the decades-old ecological damage. In my case, it is up to 18% of my earnings. If you’re someone who admires the little efforts we’re making, join us! Buy clothes that are produced without harming our environment. From fabric buying, washing to stitching and packaging, every step at Urth ensures that no waste goes into the lap of nature. Of course, the cost of these clothes are a little higher than your typical fast fashion but it’s all worth it, trust me.

(Pictures are Udairaj’s own)

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