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Date 10: Drop Pati Does ‘Dhinka Chika’ With Salman Khan Fan

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  •  May 21, 2016


Remember my uncle who recommended the self-proclaimed feminist Ravi (Read: Feminazi Ravi)?

Well, he was feeling so guilty about the whole episode, that he kept sending me Lindt chocolates and strawberry ice-creams.

Now, I wasn’t angry with him, but, why would I say that when I am being treated with such yummy things. I know I was mean.

So, I called and asked him to come for dinner.

Dinner Time Weight Discussions

“Bhaiya, thoda aur paneer lijiye na. Pasand nahi aya kya?” mummy said to uncle.

“Look at me. I am gaining so much weight. I am trying to cut down some calories,” he said and gulped a rasgulla.

My father joined in too, “You are so right. Even I have put on so much that everyday walking is also not helping.”

So, uncle suggested, “Let’s join a gym together? Batao kal se hi chalet hai.”

“Chalo Chalo! I am in!” 

Gym Trainer=Potential Dulha

My mom and I were surprised to see that they were actually enjoying working out and didn’t quit after a day or two.

But, little did I know the real reason behind it.

One fine day, as we all were having breakfast dad said, “Am I not looking fit?”

I noticed my mom secretly winked at him and gestured ‘nice.’

I nodded, too.

“You know what Drop pati. Yeh, sab Rocky ka kamaal hai!”

“Is that the name of your gym instructor?” I blurted out.

“Even I asked him that. He said he didn’t like his real name, so he changed it to Rocky. But, the point is, he’s very sincere. He respects everyone at the gym and is very hard working.”

I sensed something fishy.

Of course, my sixth sense is always right.

“Beta, ek baar mil lo. Gym hi ajao. I am not saying to go on a proper date.”

I couldn’t deny, as usual.

In fact, I checked him on Facebook, which was filled with photos of him flaunting his perfect six-pack abs and muscular arms.

He was gorgeous.

Gym Date

I reached the gym in what I thought was the best possible gym outfit: A t-shirt and yoga pants.

Damn, only if I went to the gym more often, I would know the latest gym wear trends.

As soon as I entered, my dad hurried towards me,

“That guy in the black t-shirt. He is Rocky. Go quickly.”

“Dad, what will I say to him? You come along and introduce.”

“Beta, I have already told him that you are coming here to meet him.”

“What? What did you say to him?” I asked angrily.

“What we talked about yesterday,” he replied like he didn’t notice my undertone.

“No dad. I hope you didn’t tell him that I am meeting him for “marriage” purpose.”

He gave me a look as if he didn’t understand what I said.

Reaction GIF: don't know, Nick Offerman, Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation

“Dad! You told him this, didn’t you?”

“Of course.”

“I am going. I don’t want to meet him now,” I started walking towards the exit gate.

Dad followed me and said,

“Beta, don’t do this. He is waiting for you. Please go and meet him for once.”

And, at that moment, his Facebook pictures flashed across in my mind.

“Okay, dad! You know I am doing this, only for you.”

My inner voice retorted, “You liar! You are doing this because of his abs and those strong arms.”

I mimicked ‘Whatever! Shut up!’

I returned and walked towards Rocky.

Rocky Loves Sallu Bhai

As soon as I went up to Rocky, and said hi, I felt like a teen girl talking to her crush, for the first time.

He replied,

“Hello. Your father told me you were coming.”

I just managed to nod.

He continued,

“By the way, Mr. Pati is very dedicated. He follows his gym routine very religiously.”

“Yeah, he is working hard,” I muttered.

I was enjoying our conversation. He was funny and intellectual, too. Of course, he was very particular about his diet and workout schedules.

“These six-packs don’t come easy.”

Oh! Why did he have to remind me of those six packs? *dreaming*

love anime disney cute girl

Some client called him for assistance.

I stood there staring him walk away.

And, then I noticed something which I have repelled all my life. Know that typical way boys walk when they gain muscles?

Like there are oranges fixed under their armpits, and they have to walk with their hands bent in a certain way.

I chose to ignore it as he was really a good guy.

My inner voice reminded me again, “And, he has a great body, too.”

I shushed it.

I noticed that he was very sincere with his work. He wasn’t too touchy with the girls (as few trainers are) and was very humble with everyone.

I thought,

“Wow! Dad, you have finally found someone I can think about.”

I snapped out of my reverie, as he returned,

“Where are you lost?”

“Nowhere. I was just wondering that I should also start working out. Maybe, you’ll train me.”

Yeah, I was trying to flirt.

“Sure, why not. So, do you like Salman Khan?”

Huh! From where did Salman Khan come from?

Anyhow, I said,

“Yeah, he is good.”

He said *shocked*, “Good? Just good? I love him.”

And he showed me the bracelet he was wearing. It was the exact copy of what Salman wears.

“Wow! You are one big Sallu fan. I watched Bajrangi Bhaijaan twice,” I tried convincing him that I liked him too.

“Every movie of my Sallu Bhai is fantastic.”

“Yeah, I have seen most of them, too.”

We chatted for a while, and then my dad interrupted us,

“What are you both talking about?”

“Random stuff,” I said.

Dad noticed that I was smiling and asked Rocky,

“Beta, do you want to come to our place for dinner?”

I joined, too, “Yes, please Rocky. Come over for dinner.”

However, he seemed confused,

“Mr. Pati, Can I talk to your daughter for a second, alone?”

“Yeah, sure, beta, take your time. Drop Pati I am waiting for you in the car,” and he left us.

Now, I was also confused.

And, Salman Khan crushed my dreams

Rocky said, “Do you know why we are here?”

“Yeah.” I managed to whisper.

My gut feeling warned me something wasn’t right.

“So, what do you think?”

“I would like to give it a chance. I like you.”

Oh! My inner voice reprimanded, ‘You fool, who says I like you after the first meeting.’

I ignored it.

Rocky said hesitantly,

“Drop Pati, you are a very sweet girl. And, when Mr. Pati told me in the morning that he saw his son-in-law in me, I couldn’t say anything to him. I thought I’ll tell you directly when I meet you. But, you were so charming and funny. I couldn’t say anything.”

“Rocky, don’t beat around the bush. Tell me whatever you want to. It’s okay,” I sulked.

“Drop Pati! I have vowed that I’ll only marry after Salman Bhai gets married.”

Reaction GIF: don't know, Mia Talerico

Wha? Whattttttt? Whaatttttttt?

I didn’t know how to react.

I just asked, “Seriously?

He replied, “Do you think I will joke about this?”

He added,

“I’ll come to dinner if you are okay to wait till my Bhai gets married. It’s your call. I will understand if you say no.”

“But, what if he doesn’t get married.”

He plainly replied,

“In that case, I will also not get married. Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di, uske baad to main khud ki bhi nahin sunta!” *Laughs*

What was I supposed to do? Wait till Salman Khan gets married?

I had no choice.

I said,

“Come over to dinner. We’ll watch a Salman Khan movie. We can be friends, right?”

He smiled,

“Of course!”

I managed a weak smile.

He noticed and so he said,

“You know what? You are the 27th girl to reject me because of this. 27th is Sallu Bhai’s birth date, so, you’ll always be special to me. See you tonight. I’ll get my entire Sallu Bhai’s movie collection. We’ll see whatever you choose.

enjoy sexual bajrangi bhaijaan salman khan kareena kapoor

Hmmm… That cheered me up!

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