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Confused About Where To Find Quirky Gifts? Is Here To Rescue You

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  •  January 31, 2019

Pen, wallet, watch, diary, shirt… etc. and etc., trust me this list of extremely cliche gifts can go on and on. Being someone who is always on the hunt for quirky items, I used to start my gift-hunting spree a week before the event, because, you know, finding uniqueness ‘used to’ take time. Yep, ‘used to’ because then websites like didn’t exist, literally serving unique gifts to us on a platter!

Merging the uniqueness that offers with the one-of-a-kind relationship i.e., of a mom and her daughter, IWB launched its campaign So Mamma Says. Under this campaign, mommies with daughters living in different states wrote loving notes, filled with advice and old memories, and chose amazing gifts for their daughters. The catch is that these notes and gifts will be interchanged between the girls, because… maa to maa hoti hai, and she is always right!


Team Bigsmall

While the girls are yet to receive their surprise, we engaged in a chat with Bigsmall’s co-founder Yatin Hans who shared how they curate the quirky gift collection for their website and picked for us interesting gifts for boring occasions.

Excerpts from our chat:

How do you select these awesomely quirky and creative gifts that are in your collection?

Well, the selection process for us doesn’t just include hunting for creative gifts, but we also think about how useful they’ll be in daily life. We started off with providing the hand pillow to people who tend to work late hours or need naps in between, like travellers. The next idea we had was based on the normal human tendency to have something to support their legs while they are working at their table, so we set out to find a foot hammock.

We believe that every product should associate with a certain personality. It is like when you see a product, someone should come into your mind like, “This is just made for him/her!”

Exactly. So, what is it that sets apart from its competitors like PropShop and QuirkTrunk?

They are also following the creative call of their heart as we do but there are certain plus points that we have. As, like them, we too present products from third parties on our website, but we source the products from them beforehand, do a quality check and stock them in our warehouse. So, when a consumer orders a product, the delivery is not from a third person but from us, assuring that the customer will get the product in good quality and in time.

Also, we keep our social media reviews from users of our products open so future consumers and people checking out our products can see for themselves the kind of reviews we get. Another thing is that we have given a WhatsApp number on our page so if a viewer has any query like they want to get a real-time image of the product, the packaging or how it would look against a certain backdrop, then within 24 hours we sent them the requested image. This builds transparency between the consumer and the company as they know exactly what they are getting.

So, what makes a space for every generation?

We don’t really target a particular type or age-group of the audience. As I earlier mentioned, our aim is to have such products that remind you of a particular person when you look at it. What we target is habits, behavior, quirky aspects of one’s personality – something where age doesn’t really play any role.

As we have collaborated with for our campaign So Mamma Says, how about you tell us that one gift from your mom that is close to your heart?

You see, I love traveling, so some time back, my parents gifted me a ticket to Pondicherry. For her to know exactly what I would love to get…yep, it was one memorable gift from her.

That does sound unique. Talking about moms knowing what we want, they also know what we don’t want. Any such advice that your mom always gives you?

‘DRINK MILK!’ *laughs* She is very particular about drinking milk like one glass is a must per day. And it is something I forget, sometimes deliberately, on a daily basis.

Haha! Let’s get back to the amazing gift collection has, how about suggesting to our readers some quirky gifts for the following occasions?

A romantic gift for the 50th marriage anniversary

Our dual umbrella would be perfect. You see, it is for two people but has only one handle so the couple will have to walk side by side to use it.

Perfect! What about a housewarming party?

One of our lamps would be the best gift, in fact, our Reindeer Lamp would be a good choice.

For a retirement party?

We have a decision maker paperweight, I think that would be really cool.

Bachelors Party?

Buzz Fire Drinking Game, I personally took it to a friend’s bachelors party and it was a hit!

What about a graduation gift?

A bucket list gift box.




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