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Check Out Filmmaker Aradhana Seth’s Goa Home That’s Designed On The Concept Of Slow-Living

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  •  July 11, 2018

Filmmaker and scenographer Aradhana Seth believes in slow-living. Currently, her home in Goa is where everyone wants a tour to. According to her, it’s a minimal space in Aldona, North Goa, that helps her de-stress and be more productive at work. She says, “I find that I manage to be very productive here, without the stresses of urban living.”

Aradhana told Elle India how this house once belonged to a priest named Father Faria. Because she didn’t want it to lose its charm, she kept some details of the space intact like the shell windows, the old wooden beams, the Minton floor tiles in the sala, and Faria’s altar. To keep the vintage elegance, she got the furniture sourced from the city’s antique shops and old cinemas.

Talking about the concept of slow living, she describes what attracts her the most about this home and the location. In a conversation with Verve, she said, “I love the sea, fresh seafood, Mankurad mangoes, long walks and relaxed conversations, the freedom to wear what one wants, spontaneous cups of coffee with neighbours. Before moving to Goa, I had lived for several years in America and Europe and I found that the lifestyle was similar. So I don’t think there were any major, immediate changes as such. It was exactly what I had wanted from my move to India!”

But as the saying goes – “For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and vice versa”- Aradhana, too has to deal with a couple of problems. She said, “Since a lot of my work requires traveling within India and abroad, indirect flight connections are a problem. One has to often plan and schedule the professional time spent in other cities months in advance! Then there is the humidity which affects books, photographs, and materials like textiles, metals and so on, which are required for my work.”

Scroll down to see some pictures that capture the essence of her simple yet stunning Goa home.

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