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Celebrating The Unique Bond Of Mother And Daughter, Team IWB Shares Their Personal Quirky Mom-Quotes

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  •  January 19, 2019

Just this morning, I was desperately searching for my watch, I was late for office (as usual) but it was nowhere to be found. “MUMMAA!!!” I screamed my lungs out for my personal superhero. As we all know, mommies have built-in tracking abilities, so my watch was found in my desk drawer, where it wasn’t mere seconds ago. “Mujhe bhi toh mil gaya na, dhyan se dekhti nahi ho,” stated my dear mommy, rolling her eyes in exasperation.

Sounds relatable? That’s who mommies are, our knight in shining armor, our personal bank of sometimes-wanted and mostly unwanted-but-needed stock of advice. And that’s how it is, the magical relationship between a mother and a daughter. Of course, there are those stormy fights, the crazy years of adolescence where nothing our mother says sounds right, but nothing, mind you, nothing can break the bond a daughter has with her mother.

Celebrating this unbreakable bond, Indian Women Blog has collaborated with, a unique online gift store, where one can find extraordinary gifts for their loved ones. In our campaign So Mamma Says, three moms will write quirky notes for their daughters and select unique gifts from for them, but the catch is that they will be interchanged i.e., every girl will receive a gift and a note from the mommy of another girl. Because maa to maa hoti hai, and she is always right!

Talking about mommies, how can we forget the super mommies of the members of IWB? How about getting a peek into what universal mommy-thing they hear from their mothers?








Well, these notes prove that moms are equal parts fun, cool, protective, concerned, loving and the list can go on and on. How about you share such epic lines from your daily mommy-daughter interaction? The best one will receive a special gift from BIGSMALL. Sounds amazing? So, what are you waiting for, get to work, chop-chop!


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