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CAUGHT: Working Mommies Make Faces In This Boardroom Meeting

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  •  June 2, 2015


We apologize for keeping you waited for 2 long weeks and not narrating what happened at the D-day of campaign ‘Business Lullabies’. Guess our summer vacation made us somewhat lazy. Zzzz. The finale story is coming up real soon, we promise. But before that you got to see what gems we have found from the campaign’s photo archives – the million dollar reactions of the mommies while their kids were giving presentation at SKODA!

Okay our newbie readers, don’t give us a surprised reaction. For all those who are new, let us quickly brief you about it. The ‘Business Lullabies’ is one of our favorite campaigns and was organized in association with Sheroes and Delhi Public School, Jaipur.

We made 5 tiny-tots of DPS work on a presentation that they staged in front of the SKODA, Jaipur employees. This ‘board-meeting’ had its own charm with SKODA’s top management sitting and listening to the tiny 5 professionals advocating the working mothers all over India. The kids took charge and spoke at length about what a working mother undergoes at her workplace in various departments after a sabbatical period. Now, let us get back to seeing the reactions of these mothers. Fast.

1. Abhyash’s mom, Dr. Mandira Gupta, has a tongue-in-cheek moment when her little one forgot the heavy term ‘Channel Distribution’. We feel you Abhyash, it’s no easy job. abhyansh mum cover

Looking at his elder sister’s ‘oops’ reaction, there are no points on guessing that little Abhyash forgot few more business terms. He-he.abhyansh mum

2. Rehan’s mom held a calm-self throughout. After all, Vineeta Badlani is blessed with one of the naughtiest kids around. While giving his presentation, Rehan kept staring at the handsome SKODA cars displayed in the hall. hrehaan mum 2

But once he finished, it was his mommy-dearest who cheered the most for him. hrehaan mum

3. Everything was fine with this next kid who made her mum smile until….lavanya mum

Uh oh, looks like little Lavanya forgot a line from her presentation. Mother, Prerna Sharma, was caught in the camera whispering the missed words!lavanya mum2

4. Terjani Khanna Goyal and her husband chuckled seeing their son Mannan. Mannan formed the most animated face he could ever make on the stage after he realized his shirt is unbuttoned.mannan mum

After the chuckle, came out the proud smile of how wondrously their child carried on his part of presentation. mannan mum 2

5. And finally, you can’t miss the reaction of one curious mother. With wide eyes and alert heart, Pramiti Tiwari was carefully listening to her daughter, Hrisha. risha mum 2

She didn’t mind cracking up loudly amidst her session. This was to ease out Hrisha, the mother told us later. How sweet. Risha mum

We can’t stop looking at these wonder mommies again and again. Can you, as a mother, relate to their reactions? Tell us!

Photographer: Shashank K Tyagi

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