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Calling Women To Join This Company Of Fun Wedding Planners & Be Their ‘Rakhi Intern’

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  •  August 10, 2017


This year, the festival of Raksha Bandhan has proved to be beautiful as we could team up with various CEO and Entrepreneurs across India who’re ready to uplift the lives of working women.

This collaboration is a part of our ‘Rakhi Intern‘ campaign in which the male CEOs are vowing to increase women participation in male-dominated sectors.

So far, we have tied up with MySun – a solar energy plant, Tridz Technologies – a software development company, and MiStay – an online hotel booking service. The Founders of these companies have pledged to provide more opportunities to women who usually don’t get the chance in the technical, construction, real-estate or energy-related fields.

The fourth brave heart company to join hands with us is Delhi-based ‘Shaadi Saga’ that provides cost-effective wedding solutions to customers. We spoke to its Co-Founder, Manish Garg, about his plan of contribution. Read the excerpts below.

Let’s begin with the story behind the establishment of Shaadi Saga.

I am an IITian who left his lucrative job in 2014 to found ‘Shaadi Saga’ along with my partner, Himanshu. He, too, is from a tech background. Currently, we’re going strong with the help of our brilliant team of 25+ people with 6+ full-time women employees.

As an event management company, we’re pretty sure the work ambiance is always fun.

Exactly. Although the kind of work we have demands attention, it is still an entertaining experience. Sometimes, the pressure is high and requires late night work schedules. It’s during such times that we take utmost care of our employees.

Does having women workers require extra efforts in planning the trade policies?

Definitely, and there shouldn’t be any harm in it. Looking after your employees must come naturally to the employer. It’s one’s common sense of responsibility.

We agree with you. The present event industry has quite a handful of women who’re trying to make a mark and we can’t really say if there are fewer women in the field.

I understand the matter; however, the people who are handling the backend job are still men. The reason could be the lack of positive feedback or trust. On the flip side, I don’t think anyone who’s looking for a developer for company’s website considers the gender of the programmer before assigning them the work.

Talk about the number of interns you’re planning to hire and their roles in the company. 

I guess 3 to 5 girls can come forward to apply at ‘Shaadi Saga.’ They will be trained for the positions like Business Developer, Graphic Designer, and Content Writer. We don’t expect them to be of some specific educational background, but a zeal to learn is a must.

Do you have a message for your future ‘Rakhi Interns?’

I have interacted with many working women in my professional capacity who are performing brilliantly at their respective workplaces. The emotional intelligence in a woman is proficient of making her the best at what she chooses to do, both professionally and personally. No matter how skeptical others are of your growth, believe in yourself and get going. Don’t get bogged down with the gender ratios and other demotivating figures many that internet surveys demonstrate.

If you’re a woman or an LGBTQ person who identifies themselves as a female and wishes to intern with Shaadi Saga, write to them at You can also contact us at Learn more about the company here

PS:  We’re excited to introduce you to more companies that are a part of our ‘Rakhi Intern’ campaign. Stay tuned!

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