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Business Lullabies Story 4: Tiny Hrisha Talks About Raising Venture Capital For Working Mommies

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  •  September 3, 2015


Are you following the stories from our campaign ‘Business Lullabies’?

JWB did this project in association with SHEROES, Delhi Public School (Jaipur) and SKODA to spread a message across corporate offices of India that their women employees, who return to work after maternity leaves, are no less than other employees.

To advocate this message, we had 5 little toddlers from the DPS who gave live presentation at SKODA’s boardroom, with its professionals from various departments in attendance.


Hrisha Tiwari, a 5 yr old, was one of the honorable speakers representing the muddled Finance Department. Sitting in front of her were the esteemed employees of SKODA, Jaipur and the parents of 5 little participants.

Hrisha began, “When my mommy can nurture me and make me THISSSS big, she can nurture your company as well. Don’t think she can’t work accurately because she has to focus on the ‘little me’ all the time.”


Hrisha’s mother, Pramiti, is an engineer. She told us in the past about her maternity break and how brilliantly she had handled everything during and after the break at her workplace.


Because finance isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, Hrisha made JWB members her assistants so that we could help her remind those heavy terms during the presentation.


She continued, “I will talk about raising the venture capital of the brand ‘mommy’. So everyone, listen to me attentively. A working mother’s…mmmm…competency graph can only grow with constant support and appreciation of her performance inspite of having hundreds of tasks back at home.”


Absolutely. Appreciation from boss can truly lift up the mood of a working mother!

She continued, “Let us talk about what develops deficiency in Mommy’s finances…”

We were amazed to see her ability to remember all such biggie words, no wonder she is a favorite among her teachers at DPS.

“…low cooperation level from colleagues and boss after telling them about her pregnancy, shortage of maternity leaves, and lack of opportunities after her break are 3 major reasons. My mommy got support because she works in government sector, but mommies of my friends who work in public sectors don’t have these facilities”, exclaimed Hrisha.


She, very efficiently, spoke the bitter truth of our country.

And because of these reasons, other risks in a working mother’s life increase like imbalance at home-front, mismanagement of time, and low attention to kids. However, Hrisha’s last slide that she showed to her audience has the solution. Check out:


Lastly she asked, “Will you give the capital of your support to my Mommy?”


No points for guessing, everyone agreed!


Photo courtesy: Shashank K Tyagi

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