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Bookaroo: Deepak Dalal Tells Children The Dark Secrets Of Ranthambore Forests

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  •  May 1, 2016


For the first time, Jaipur is hosting Bookaroo, a literature festival for children at Jawahar Kala Kendra on April 30 and May 1.

Disclaimer: The content below contains material that some readers might not understand or if thoroughly understood might make them nostalgic and rekindle the child within. So, children’s guidance is advised.

Traveller, writer, Deepak Dalal loves wildlife. Well, we do, too. He conducted a one-on-one interactive session with the kids asking them directly what they felt about the tiger disappearance.

Deepak: Why are we losing Tigers?

Child one: Poaching!

Deepak: Why are tigers poached?

Child Two: For their skin.

Child Three: Bones!

Deepak: Did you know that in China, the traditional Chinese medicines use tiger bone extracts?

There was murmuring heard in the background. Deepak continued.Deepak Dalal

Deepak: The South China Tiger is nearly extinct now, thanks to this problem. They come to India and visit Ranthambore or Kaziranga, and pay the local villagers to kill a tiger and bring it to them. In return, they pay hefty sums. Out of greed, the villagers readily agree, as for them, it is just a one night job. They set a trap and cripple the tigers. After which, they kill the tigers. 

A tiger’s mother trains her cubs to hunt. So if a Tigress is hunted, her cubs also eventually die. Teaching the cubs how to hunt isn’t an easy job, and it doesn’t come without teaching. Kids, every month, we are losing around five tigers. Deepak Dalal

Villagers take their livestock inside the forest to get them to graze on hay. Even though they take them, they do not realize that tigers hunt for prey, as it is their natural instinct. Since the cow meat is massive, tigers eat a stomach full and return the next day with their families or other tigers. Out of vengeance, the villagers cover the cows in poison so that whenever the tigers appear, they die.

Deepak Dalal’s book Ranthambore Adventures for children talks about how to save Tigers. The book will tell you how tigresses train their cubs and more.

There are some more Deepak Dalal books that you can add to your bookshelves:

Sahyadri Adventure 

Andaman Adventure

The Snow Leopard Adventure


Photo Courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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