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Beyond Debit & Credit, Financial Expert Gurleen Kaur Matches T-Shirts With Her Husband

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  •  October 18, 2017


Financial expert and founder of Hareepatti, Gurleen Kaur has been imparting financial wisdom to individuals and corporate houses for over a decade now.

While gaining some money mantras from her, we found out who the Finance Minister at her home is and what financial skills her children can boast of from an early age.

Who is the Finance Minister at home? What tips would you like to give to women to hold this authority? 

Gurleen: Of course, being a Financial Advisor, the Finance Minister is Gurleen Kaur! Haha

In my opinion, every wife out there is a Finance Minister as they are the ones who are managing household budgets which in itself requires skills and efforts. And they do it all really well! The only issue is that they need to show and behave like one.

The universe responds to the thoughts we convey. So what is that one positive thought that can generate prosperity according to you? 

Gurleen: I feel, unnecessary worrying only worsens the situation. I always follow the principle of “Cross the bridge when it comes.”

After stalking your facebook page, we found your husband’s t-shirts very interesting and quirky. What message would you wear on your t-shirt to match his wardrobe?

Gurleen: He will be wearing Controlled and my t-shirt would read Controller.


What are the few financial skills you have taught your children?

Gurleen: My children have a habit of saving money. So whatever money they get on festivals, birthdays, etc., they give it to me and I deposit it in their bank accounts which they can later invest.

They are always eager to accompany me to the bank and for grocery shopping. This helps them understand the market well.

Our son, as he is the elder one, has a habit of doing the cost-benefit analysis while buying high-value items like TV, fridge, etc.

What is one section of expenses that you and your husband never agree together?

Gurleen: Haha! Entertainment and luxury expenses are two categories where we often argue. He is a spendthrift when it comes to these two, whereas I am on the cutting side.

Break your budget into a pie chart (savings, travel, food etc).

Gurleen: So, it goes like, Savings: 40% of income

Emergency fund: 20% of income

Travel: We generally save for our travel expenses, so out of 40% that we save, 5-10% is kept for travel.

Food/ grocery/ utility bills: 20% of income

Entertainment/ going out expenses: 10 % of income

Who is the one who always breaks the piggy bank at home?

Gurleen: Male members are the ones to do this!

One expression you always have when you open your purse? 

Gurleen: Thank God when I have cash in my purse and Thank god when I don’t have also. Because in the latter, I have my husband’s credit card with me.


What personal tips would you give to make a marriage financially stable? 

Gurleen: I strongly feel that none of the partners should be taken for granted or kept in the dark with regards to the inflow and outflow of money. Also, it is advisable to demarcate who is going to take care of which expense in the family to have transparency and avoid conflicts.

As a child what did you spend the maximum pocket money on? 

Gurleen: Comic books and ice-creams took all my money!

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