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Artist Illustrates 3 Wise Excuses For People Who Can’t Say ‘No’ Ever

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  •  June 8, 2018

Illustrator and author Dani DiPirro runs an Instagram page called ‘Positively Present’ where she shares her artwork exemplifying positive thoughts, self-love, and reminding us to stay humble, compassionate and full of gratitude.

She recently drew a series for those who don’t know how to refuse uninvited errands offered by people around them. Because of the fear of risking the friendship or being disliked by colleagues, most of us continue to say ‘yes’ and in turn, complicate our life with multiple tasks. Result – regrets, guilt, and physical tiredness.

Is it awfully difficult for you to say No? Then you must check out Dani’s illustrations which will prove to be a quick guide suggesting how to say No and save your time. The artist has come up with 3 wise answers which we must remember the next time someone loads us with extra tasks (without a ‘thank you’ in many cases).

img img_1 img_2 img_3

Describing the short series, Dani writes, “It was so fun to work with @girlsnightinclub and @hmhbooks to create these illustrations, showcasing how to kindly say no to protect your time (and make more time for self-care)! These ideas are inspired by @fran_hauser’s new book, “The Myth of the Nice Girl,” which is out now! #nicegirlarmy.”

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