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Animal Activist Anuradha Mishra On How She Saves Her Furry Friends From Mercy Killing

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  •  April 26, 2019

Many of us have fond memories of growing up with a four-legged friend. Well, dogs are more than just furry companions. Playing in the yard, cuddling in pillow forts or dressing up in matching costumes for any random plans – it’s hard to think of a childhood moment that the dog didn’t play a fun role in.

Despite all the love we have for them, reports say, the crimes against dogs are also increasing rapidly. Euthanasia, also called a “mercy killing,” “putting a dog to sleep” or “putting a dog down,” is defined as the humane, deliberate ending of the life of an animal – usually one that is suffering from an incurable illness. Though this is one of the most heart-wrenching things to do, the question of this decision being an ethical one is still unanswered.

Animal activist Anuradha Mishra has taken the baton in her hands to fight against PTS (putting to sleep). Through her treatment shelter, Hope 4 Speechless Soul in Noida, she is providing treatment to animals that are critically injured in road accidents or had suffered inhumane torture.

In conversation with IWB, Anuradha discusses the medical help provided to the dogs and using social media to create awareness about cruelty towards animals. She tells us how she calls them ”bacche”.


Tell us a bit how Hope 4 Speechless Souls is helping the stray dogs out there?

In India, people usually follow mercy killing or Put To Sleep (PTS) if a dog is hit by a car and gets severely injured. My main motive is to fight against PTS. I want to give them one more chance. To ensure proper cure and treatment, I provide them with shelter. I have around 80 dogs with me at the moment.

Whenever I need an extra set of hands, my friends, Rohit Yadav and Shubhli Bhalla, come to the rescue.

And how do you think we can build a dog-friendly environment in the neighbourhood?

It is difficult to change the mentality of people towards animals, but I keep trying. I meet people to convince them in taking care of their pets and the stray dogs as well. People should take out their dogs in open to create a dog-friendly environment around them.

Neighbourhoods can also bring a change by keeping a vessel out to provide water to the dogs. Children should be taught not to throw stones or tease them. We should try to include youth in this movement to spread awareness at a mass level. Also, social media is like magic. Rather than just using Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, I started going live while helping a dog. It slowly became a trend. I think, even if people do this for likes and fame, that’s okay. Somehow they are providing food and water to dogs.


Icecream party with my hope babies 😄😘😘🐾🐾💕☕☕💕

47 Likes, 5 Comments – Anuradha Mishra#Fitness#By#Age (@anuradha_mishra_angel) on Instagram: “Icecream party with my hope babies 😄😘😘🐾🐾💕☕☕💕”

Animal care is expensive in India. How do you manage funds?

Their care requires lots of funds. I am dependant on friends and family. Earlier, the dogs used to rely on dog food only. But expenses were still high, so we shifted to eggs, rice and soya beans, and for the time period between a night to morning, we keep dog food. Now, people are getting aware of the organisation and our work, so help is also increasing. The organisation majorly requires food, medicines, also requirements change according to the weather.

Tell us more about your furry family.

I have around 80 dogs in my shelter and each of them has a name. There is one, Topi, his body was badly damaged by insects. We treated him, and now he is healthy enough to go for walks with us. I saved one from a marsh, it was a story of heroic kinds. Later on, we kept his name Daldal. (laughs)

Winter lunch time in hope🙏

Uploaded by HOPE 4 the Speechless Souls on 2018-11-23.

I have saved around 1 lakh dogs. I remember, I saved a dog named Courage, he died last year. I was traveling from Ghaziabad to Noida. On the route, we crossed Ghazipur. I saw people were burning a pile of garbage on the side of the road. I stopped my car and I noticed that something was moving under that pile.

I told people to check but they kept denying. I had to step in and saw a dog lying there. I was stunned to see that someone had thrown away a dog in there. After taking him to the shelter, it took six months to fight for his life, now he is showing improvement.

What are the future plans for Hope 4 Speechless Souls?

I want to help PTS animals. For some quite unconvincing reasons, people want to kill their own pets. Mercy killing is like murder to me. I believe dogs should be given one more chance. If there is a slight chance of saving them then why shouldn’t we?

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