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Amber Rose Talks About Consent AGAIN & Here’s Why We Don’t Mind It

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  •  June 18, 2016


“If there is no consent before sex, it is rape. Period.”

Amber Rose’s statement is straight to the point. She is one of our favorite feminists, and we love how she wants to keep educating buffoons on the concept of consensual intercourse.

Of course, before engaging in any kind of amorous activity, one must seek the permission of their partner, and if they are passed out, then it is out of the question. Of course, people like Brock Turner and the king who assaulted Sleeping Beauty in her sleep were not aware of this fact or just simply chose to ignore it.

Wait, did I almost spoil your favorite Disney story? Oh, shoot.

On a serious note, consent is more important than anything in a physical relationship. And only one word confirms that. YES.

You’d think that this is an obvious fact, and we are repeating it for some foolish reason. People seem to believe they have some kind of prior claim on their partners of choice when engaging in coitus and that the word ‘yes’ does not matter much. Well, ‘news flash’ it does.

Coitus is a natural activity and tainting it with force is a crime.

So remember, a YES is important!

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