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Add Magic To Your Kid’s Childhood With The Carefully Curated Study Table Collection By Urban Ladder

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  •  January 30, 2019


The very first study table that my dad got me kind of had a really special place in my heart. It was one of those joint table-chair things which were a rage back in the day for being an absolute value for money commodity as it came with the adjustable setup that grew up along with the kid.

It also had two separate compartments which over the years got divided between me and my brother. The setup lasted for a couple of years till I was too old for the table and had to pass it on to my brother, who again used it till he was crouching a little too much to somehow fit in and thus retain the table rights (trust me, for real) which I had to kinda forfeit the day I moved on to the new table.

However, the table managed to stay a functional part of our lives even after both of us outgrew it in size and its seat broke and fell apart. My grandpa separated the compartments from the unit and gave them to us which we used for storing stuff for as long as I can remember.

One of those compartments still lies somewhere in my house, nestling in a corner with its faded red and slivering wood, like an old wise soul, too tired to function and yet too precious to part from. It is that tangible piece of our childhoods that my parents would probably never part from.

Aren’t our first study tables really special? Right from sharing it with our siblings during homework hours to sitting for a lesson after a good scolding from our parents, there are so many memories stored in that immaculate piece of wood.

Furniture store Urban Ladder is working towards adding magic to your kid’s childhood with their specially curated study table collection which caters to the all the unique needs of your children. Right from foldable plastic study tables to the study table that can also be doubled as a dining table, they have one for every child’s need.

Here’s what they have in store for your child:

  • The Wooden Plank study table: Known for their versatility and durability, the wooden plank study tables have been a hit among children since forever. Owing to their minimalistic designs, they can easily be polished on a regular basis, thus guaranteeing a great product life. Perfectly suited for toddlers, these tables certainly add to the study experience of your child.
  • Plastic Foldable: In this world of growing urbanisation and shrinking spaces, who wouldn’t say “yes” to foldable furniture? And thus comes the foldable plastic study table by Urban Ladder into the picture. Cheap, adjustable, and easily portable, they are a certain hit among the parents for requiring minimum maintenance and undergoing minimal wear and tear. Plus, let’s be realistic, which kid says no to a study table that can be folded like a napkin? Always a thrill to watch (even for adults like me)!
  • Classic Wooden table setup: Okay, let’s get things straight, we all love a classic wooden table set up! I love it, my mom loves it, my grandpa loves it! It is one of those tables which are literally shared among generations for various reasons, right from the extra storage compounds to the front shelves. Also, there is probably no better way to teach your kids to be organised than getting them one.
  • The Extended Plank: Have a naughty kid at home who can’t stop hopping from table to table? Also, have another one who keeps making you proud by amassing trophies one after the other? Here’s a table that will cater to both! The extended plank has superb durability and enhanced utility along with the scope for multiple compartments. It allows space for hands, sliding drawers, cabinets to keep books and stationery. To add to it, the attached shelves can be used to stack up trophies, encyclopedias, toys, and what not!
  • The Dining Table: We all know that one kid, who loves to study at the dining table. I mean, the convenience of keeping food right next to your stationery, doesn’t it sound like the most natural of the things to do for both kids and adults alike? Well, Urban Ladder certainly understands this sentiment and has thus curated dining tables which can double as study tables for your kid. I say it’s a win-win for everyone!

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