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  •  April 14, 2014

About 49% of the India’s voting power is in the hands of women, and making this our inspiration, our team came up with an interesting initiative to spread the awareness. Supported by Nayaab Jewels, the campaign is called ‘SHElection: Finger Puppets – She doesn’t play dolls anymore’. Nayaab Jewels has always believed & represented women power in society. This time, though, Nayaab is staging this power in front of the whole state and even country.

The campaign says that woman is no more a Finger-puppet and that she has all the ability and wisdom to take her own decision. She is not a doll who can be guided by men in her environment; rather she is smart enough to take her own decisions of what is good or bad…like deciding her vote.

For this, we required 7 Jaipur women who can voice this message to others like them. After receiving ample of entries from women across the city, we along with Nayaab Jewels, finally, chose 7 Jaipur women between the ages 18 to 80. First, they were asked about how they symbolize this 49% women power of our country. Second, based on their definitions, we customized 7 finger-puppets for each one of them.

Now, along with their finger-puppets each empowered lady will be a posing in SHElection’s exclusive Finger-puppet photo session at Nayaab Jewels showroom that is opp. Birla Mandir, on JLN Marg. The photos will be casual yet candid, thereby capturing their varied energies, sparkling emotions, feisty willpower and beautiful feminine innocence.

Stay with us to see the finger that can vote and pose at the same time!

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