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7 YO Kiran Hacks On To JWB. And Here Is Her THIRD Story!

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  •  October 15, 2016


Meet Kiran, a 7-year-old girl, who lives in a lane attached to our office. Giggling all the time, this girl has taken over JWB to tell her little story. Together we celebrate International Day of The Girl Child that falls yearly on 11th October. As for me, I was of a little help *wink*

You know, I study in KCG School. I am in UKG now. Then I’ll be in 1st class *says proudly.* I have two best friends. Kanika and Yam. Kanika likes to eat a lot. She also wants to be a driver, just like me. That is why we are best friends. Yam is a boy, and he wants to be a doctor. Boys always become doctors. But my mummy-papa don’t like him. They say that he is a boy, and I should not play with him much.

But I remember our teacher telling us that boys and girls are the same. And when I say this to my parents, they get angry and say that the school teaches bad things to girls.

I don’t understand this. My little brother is a boy and Yam is also a boy. My parents let me play with my brother, but they don’t allow me to play with Yam.

Yam and I both love toys. He loves his cars, and I love my teddy bears. Her name is Rani. I also have one more teddy. It’s yellow in color. But I like the pink more.Girl

When Rani gets married and has children, I will not make them work much. They will go to school. I don’t like missing school because I miss Yam.

I also have a Barbie. My brother keeps pulling her hair. Let me show you more of my toys now, or No! My mom will give them to my brother to play, and he will never return.

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Photo courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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