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7 YO Kiran Hacks On To JWB. And Here Is Her FIRST Story!

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  •  November 21, 2016


Meet Kiran, a 7-year-old girl, who lives in a lane attached to our office. Giggling all the time, this girl has taken over JWB to tell her little story. As for me, I was of a little help *wink*

I am a shmall girl that lives in a shmall house with my mummy-papa and a little brother, who is very naughty. I study in KCG School, and my favorite teacher is Hindi Ma’am. I don’t like the English ma’am.Girl

I study in UKG and then I’ll be going to the 1st class. I am 6 years old, Oh! No, I am 5. No wait, ‘’Papaaaa’’ *Shouts on the top of her voice* ‘’How old am I?’’  ‘’You are seven years old, now don’t disturb me.’’ See I told you I am 8 years old.

My brother is 5. He pulls my hair and even my Barbie’s hair. Sometimes he hides her to make me cry, and when I do, he brings back the Barbie to me. When I get angry with him, my mum shcolds me. I should not do it because he is a boy. My Mom always says, ‘Girls should listen to boys.’ But shouldn’t he listen to me because I am better at shtudies? *smirk*

I love my mummy-papa. Mummy wakes up really early in the morning to cook breakfast so that we have the power to work. You know, I study in KCG, and I am in UKG, and I’ll be going to the 1st class now *reminds everyone very proudly*Girl

Mummy works a lot and takes care of us. But I am angry with her. She shcolded me yesterday. My brother and I were playing. He threw a ball into the milk container and the milk spilled. It wasn’t me. Mummy shcolded me; I am angry with her.

‘’Come Kiran, the kheer is ready!’’ Yayyyyyyy!!! *Forgets her grave offense and hugs Mummy*

I also love my daddy. He brings food for us which mom cooks. I always wait for toffees. I wait long.
I sometimes take out coins from daddy’s pockets so that when my mom and dad quarrel I can give them money. Mom says that we need more food to eat. Daddy says that we don’t have money. I don’t like to miss school.

I want daddy to have more money. Then I could share my tiffin box with my friends at school. They share tasty food with me. Roti and daal are my favorite.Girl

I don’t like to miss school…

Read her second and third story here.

Photo courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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