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5 Dinner Decor Tips To Host The Best Party By Expert Amita Sadhe Bambawale

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  •  December 30, 2017

A reading specialist and a master-trainer, Amita Sathe Bambawale, has authored the book, ‘Dinner Décor: A How-to Guide for Fabulous Centerpieces,’ to guide the people to host parties at home like a pro. 

The book covers all major festivals, along with those events which harbor universal feelings of love, brotherhood, etc. And, so as New Year is already here, we recalled the fabulous tips given by Amita at an event in Jaipur, to help you deck up your place for your loved ones.

“I believe that decor adds SO MUCH to dinner parties. It encourages your guests’ to have fun and relax a little. The right decor can set the right mood too!” believes Amita.

“I have always felt that decor has the power to make people happy since it encourages conversation and communication among your guests. The meaningful decor is a feast for your eyes, which increases your guests’ anticipation for the food as well!”

amita sadhe bambawale

Here’re some do’s and don’ts while organizing a dinner by the Master Trainer that’ll help you ace the host game:


“It’s very important not to end up stuck in the kitchen. Always be ready for the dinner party in advance, tie everything up in the kitchen beforehand, and don’t forget to mingle! It’s extremely important to enjoy yourself. If you look like you’re enjoying yourself, your guests would loosen up too and have a great time!”


Stained linen is the biggest cardinal sin while setting up the table. 


Avoid making extremely tall flower arrangements as they hinder communication and conversation between your guests.


I cannot emphasize enough on this point: Do not place the chairs extremely close to one another. You don’t want to be elbowed or knocked on the head by a waiter!


Use some of your everyday things like wood shavings, and flowers for decoration. Through innovation and experimentation, you can get extremely beautiful centerpieces without breaking your bank!

And, don’t forget to share with us some pictures of the dinner table decor.

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