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Ayushi Agarwal

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Zarine Khan And Daisy Shah Talk About Women Sexuality With JWB

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  •  December 3, 2015


3rd December: “Sizzling Scissors”, a beauty salon opened its gates in Malviya Nagar, Jaipur. The star cast of Hate Story 3 graced the occasion, after which a press conference followed! 

As I reached the location, I was ushered inside by the guards. As soon as the cast of Hate Story 3 arrived, the shutterbugs who were previously pretending to be calm went completely berserk! Initially, I cowered behind the crowd and tried to stand on my tippy-toes to get a good look. But I needed some answers, and I needed them right then! I pushed my way forward, with a new-found respect for elbows and shoulders.

I stood directly in front of Zarine Khan, Daisy Shah, Sharman Joshi and movie director Vishal Pandya. The last thing I wanted to do was to talk about the movie. I had more burning issues to tackle! I wanted to know how they perceived the idea of sexuality and sexual consent.


JWB: Let’s poach the subject of sexuality for a minute. In India, women sexuality is still considered to be a taboo topic. Thoughts?

Zarine Khan: Yes, it is a taboo topic in India, which is absurd! India is the land which gave birth to Kama-sutra, the ultimate book on sexuality. In addition to that, the Ajanta Caves proudly boast half-naked women sculptures. Somehow modern India has distorted the healthy perception of women sexuality, which needs to be desperately re-defined.


JWB: From your movie trailer, it can be perceived that a woman’s sexuality is being used for revenge of some sort. Is there a relationship between sexuality, revenge and/or success?

Zarine Khan: I feel women sexuality has the power to overcome everything! It is a power, which rests entirely in the hands of the woman. She can make a man come to his knees if she wants. So, yes, there is a relationship between sexuality, success, and revenge.


JWB: Are you happy with the way your character has been portrayed in the film? Do you think it is sexist?

Zarine Khan: I am extremely happy with the way my character is shown on the reel. As I said, there lies a power in women sexuality. In the film, the female protagonist uses her power for her own reasons, which does not make the portrayal sexist in any way. It is rather realistic, I feel.

JWB: After watching your trailer, another issue gets raised. How can men adapt to the concept of consent, in general?

Daisy Shah: Mutual consent is very important in all situations. Even in the movie, it has been shown that nothing could have been done without the woman’s consent. If only all men could realize this importance, the world would have been a better place!


A reporter: Sharman, how did your daughter react after watching the trailer of your movie?

Sharman Joshi: My daughter realizes the intricacies of my profession. She knows that all my actions on the screen are a part of my job, and nothing beyond that. There is a difference between a reel life and a real life!


Was my curiosity completely sated? Perhaps.

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