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Zaheer Khan Urges BCCI To Hike The Salaries Of Indian Women’s Cricket Team Players

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  •  March 12, 2018

The gender pay gap has been a long-standing issue and it gets even starker when we look at the disparity in the salaries being paid to male and female cricketers in India. Zaheer Khan recently spoke in support of a salary hike for Indian women’s cricket team players.

BCCI recently announced the renewed player contracts for 2018. While the announcement was made for both the men’s and women’s team, the huge gap in the salaries suggested that it would have been a very good idea had they done it separately, probably with a gap of decades in between.

At a time when Indian women’s cricket team has been proving its mettle and even made it to the World Cup Final, the contracts for 2018 have come as a big disappointment. While the addition of a new A+ for men’s category would mean that players in the league of Virat Kohli can take home a salary of Rs 7 crore, the picture is rather grim for women. Even the finest women cricket players will take half of the amount that would be provided to the lowest ranked men.

Former Indian cricket pacer Zaheer Khan recently came up with a statement where he urged the BCCI to implement a hike in the salaries of Indian women’s team players. Zaheer even offered to interfere in the matter, if necessary.

“There is a process in place and accordingly salaries are decided. Earlier, women cricketers weren’t associated with the BCCI but they have come under its fold now. We really hope that the women too get hiked salaries since they have been playing much more frequently. If the need arises, senior players like us will also put in a request to the board to rework the contracts of women cricketers,” expressed Zaheer.

H/T: Hindustan Times 

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