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YouTuber Prajakta Koli Makes The Best Yikes-Face. Here’s The Proof!

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  •  September 13, 2016


Vlogging is a big deal. From realizing that you can be a vlogger to making funny faces in front of the camera confidently, it requires all your might.

Over four varieties of Maggie (more on this later), YouTuber Prajakta Koli told me what made her an overnight sensation among the youth. Her channel MostlySane has series where you can spot her chatting about her life and other funny things around us (for example, ten funny words Delhites, read: North Indians, use). With over a lakh subscribers, the viewership on her each video would make many jealous.

To know more about her, I involved in a conversation with this hilarious woman from Mumbai after her workshop at Bloggy Boogie. BTW, we were accompanied by her friend, Sudeep of One Digital Entertainment, Mumbai.

Prajakta: Before we talk, can we order the food? The weird sounds coming out of my belly are embarrassing.3

So, we ordered one Chinese Maggie, Tadka Maggie, Jaipuri Maggie and Firangi Maggie. Guess which two Maggies were accidentally swapped? Prajakta relished Firangi Maggie for good ten minutes before she realized it was not Chinese Maggie!

Me: Wow, you were really starving.

Prajakta: My Instagram account describes me as a YouTuber and Hogger. So, yeah!

Me: Let’s talk about that magical day when you decided to become a YouTuber.

Prajakta: When I was a small girl, I knew I wanted to be an RJ. So I became one. One fine day, my biggest crush, Hrithik Roshan, visited the station, and I went crazy. I wanted to capture the moment and hence, made a small video with him describing my happiness. When I posted it on social media, Sudeep happened to notice it. Later, he told me how much he liked the way I had presented the situation and that, I could be a Vlogger. I let it pass.

Sudeep: I think she is one of those crazy ones. You can feel her energy when she’s around.


Prajakta: Finally, I took him seriously and grabbed the camera. Initially, I used to shoot in my father’s office. I took four hours to shoot my first video.

Sudeep: Ha-ha, do you remember the two huge bolts on the wall behind you?

Me: LOL. So, it all started with Hrithik, eh?

Prajakta: YES!2

Me: Tell me more.

Prajakta: Making videos has been the most liberating experience so far. I am myself when I am in front of the camera, talking (to myself!). *laughs*

Sudeep: She’s weird.

Prajakta: Your laugh is weird.5

Sudeep: You should see her do the Yikes Face.

Me: Do it.

Prajakta: NO.

(After 3 seconds – ‘Okay!’)


Me: Girl, you are multi-talented. Is your family as crazy as you are?

Prajakta: Yes. Also, my BFF Sidhali. She makes me laugh all the time. She is one person I would let take over my channel and make shows.

Me: Talk about your fans.

Prajakta: They are lovely. This one time, a girl wrote to me how her father who was bed-ridden and she enjoy watching my videos. She also mentioned how my jokes had helped her overcome depression. Such people keep me going.4

Me: Beautiful.

Sudeep: I see how her admirers thrash the online trolls that happen now and then. They know there is no space for negativity on MostlySane.

Prajakta: Other times, Sudeep is there to calm me down.9

Sudeep: On this note, I handle her brand. She is, so far, the most fascinating study in our company.

Me: I am sure. Prajakta, what did you do with the first money you earned from vlogging?

Prajakta: I bought a pullover and two kurtas for my papa and mom respectively. Also, I bought myself a Fastrack watch! Rest, I spent on food.7

Me: Sweet. Is there a fun fact that we don’t know about you?

Prajakta: I love singing! I jam with my guitarist friend all the time.

Me: What’s in the future?

Prajakta: More Maggie!

People, go, watch her videos. She is what you need rn!

Photo courtesy: Rishabh Lodha

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