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YouTuber Colleen Evans Makes A Hilarious Song On Online Trolls About Their Bad Spelling

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  •  August 3, 2015

YouTuber Colleen Evans has a song to sing for all of us, especially for those who think abusing someone online is a cool heroic act.

Colleen is the founder of popular YouTube channel Miranda Sings​ (with more than 2.5 million subscribers). Colleen, like other people working online, has faced trolls and abuse online. However, to shut them up, she has figured out an awesome way.

Step 1: She collects all the trolls she has ever received. Goes through them and selects the ‘best ones’.

Step 2: She checks the ‘talent’ of each troll by looking into the spelling mistakes, etc.

Step 3: She laughs.

Step 4: To make us laugh, she makes a video & sings highlighting all those terrible grammar and spelling mistakes in the most epic manner.

Watch here:

*bows-down* We love you, Colleen.

This song made by using mean and incorrectly spelled messages is a tight slap to those who are quick to point out weakness in others. The funny song includes trolls like –

‘First of all u are haribile

‘Are you insain?’

‘I hatte you, you are so dumm Whore.’


We have liked the message that she gives to all her listeners – “Instead of letting them affect me in a negative way, I choose to sing about them and poke fun at them right back. Because let’s be honest, anyone who has grammar that terrible is very uneducated and is probably living in their parents’ garage or basement at the age of 42. And yes, I’m assuming they’re all male.”

*chuckles* (no we ain’t no sexist)

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