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Priya Motiani

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You Will Be Surprised To Know What This Transgender Is Using Her Skills For!

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  •  December 10, 2015


Did you know that about 53 percent of the Indian population does not have access to private toilets? Why else would there be such widespread open defecation!

And, while we are it, why else would there be the levying of Swachh Bharat Cess! The point is that attending nature’s call in the wide and open nature is not really a good idea. Other than the obvious hygiene issues, there is another set of concerns that constantly haunt the women in particular. No prize for guessing it right! These are obviously the concerns relating to eve-teasing and sexual assaults. Many women, both young and old, become victims of this heinous crime when they go out in the dark to defecate.

This is what a 30-year-old transgender, Sanjana Singh, is spreading awareness about amongst the villages of Madhya Pradesh, with her NGO called Mitra Shringaar. Originally approached by the State Government to promote the Swachh Bharat campaign, Sanjana and her team are resolutely performing the task at hand.

So much so, that they have employed unusual means to achieve the goal. They are capitalizing on their singing and dancing skills, and through this amusing blend, are creating sensitivity towards this insistent cause.

“It’s a good opportunity given by the state government. I could not say no and became part of the campaign. It has helped me prove to the society that we transgenders are capable of doing more than entertaining people,” says Sanjana.

As may have been expected, the villagers did not pay much heed to the third gender people, initially. But with their unwavering determination, Sanjana and her team surmounted this obstacle by melting and winning people’s hearts. Today is a day when owing to their efforts, 12 villages lying within the district of Bhopal have become a cleaner place, and about 131 homes in the Naandini village have built a private toilet in their premises.

Noting this praiseworthy wave of development, the State Government has further pledged to bring 40 more villages under the purview of the Mitra Shringaar NGO.

Well, how awesome and empowering is that! For women on both ends – the transgender woman Sanjana, and scores of rural women who now will not have to go in the open for nature’s call!

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