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“You are always right!”… “Is that a pro or a con?”

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  •  February 15, 2014


It is Gangaur! And we decided to republish one of our favorite first dates that happened between one husband and wife. Then why first? Hence, every day a loving couple can rediscover each other. 

This couple to go on the romantic date at Cafe F-32 was Mr. Anil Warman and Mrs. Urvashi Warman. Married for almost 27 years now, the couple is more energetic than any other dating couple in their 20s. They both are black-belts and love horses. While Mr. Anil is the Station Manager, AIR India, Mrs. Urvashi Warman is the reputed Principal of Palace School, Jaipur. Different personalities, yet one soul. They are frisk, dynamic and enjoy every moment of togetherness. Also, they both love sharing many laughs on small time intervals. Loud? Not at all. We LOVED it!

First, the drinks were served to them – Spicy Guava & Virgin Mojito. Urvashi takes a sip from Spicy Guava and quips: “Good one! How’s your Mojito?” The drink proved to be the initiator.

tn_DSC_6076 copy

Simultaneously, the starter was served. It was a Lebanese treat – Courgettes, Hummus Pita. The couple enjoyed their first course remembering when the 1st time they had Hummus together.

Anil: Lovely ambiance, I must say. Ah, tell me (reading the first question from the list we’d prepared)…if we become children again, what game would you like to play with me?

Urvashi: Hmm… (Laughs). Hide and Seek. Let’s play it here, what do you say? The lights are perfect, huge comfy sofas to hide behind (laughs).

Anil: I will easily catch you. Talking about this, did you ever hid something from me…something that you wanted to ask me, but could not dare or had no confidence that moment? Ask me now!

(Both laugh)

tn_DSC_6071 copy

Urvashi: Yes, I have a question that I always wanted to ask you. Every time you return back from the hair salon, I wonder if he’s even touched your hair or not! I wanted to tell you ‘have you just given him the money, or what!’

Anil: Really? Was he that bad? (*winks*)

tn_DSC_6074 copy

The couple remembered their old days and noticed how everything had just been the same. The love, the happiness, the childish laughter…may be got increased with time.

Anil: Urvashi, life has been so filmy – full of love & drama. Tell me, in what Bollywood movie do you want me to meet you?

Urvashi: Interesting! May be an action flick…because that’s where I can probably find you. I would say the romantic-action movie ‘Ek Tha Tiger’. Anil, do you remember, you recently dedicated the song to me – ‘Teri meri prem kahaani’. In that film would I like us to meet! (Smiles)

Anil: oh yeah! That song, love it. Tell me what If we both stopped working and had no worries about earning, how we would be spending days?

Urvashi: a loooonnnng holiday. Let’s go on a holiday. What say?

Anil: Let’s sit in a time machine and fly away! (Laughs) By the way, if you had the time machine what epoch you would go to? Who would you become?

Urvashi: I would become someone you like – your favorite character. How about Ava Braun? Hitler’s wife! Lol.

Anil: Very witty! And would you want me to turn into something/someone? What spell would you put on me, if you had a magic stick?

Urvashi: Oh, dear! You are already spell-bound. Aren’t you?

Anil: Am I? Then, of course, you must want me to stay the same forever. Don’t you? But still, if we could stop the time, what age we would be forever and why?

Urvashi: NOW! This is the best phase of my life.

Anil: Same here. This is the best time, and I always want to live and remember it. But, what if someday I lose my memory?! What one thing, only one thing you would want me to remember?

Urvashi: Me, of course! (*winks*)

Anil: Expected. So you!

Urvashi: Anil, now I remember. I had Hummus in the U.S, yes.

tn_DSC_6125 copySometimes, all you need is a pleasant present to remember the lovely past, like those moments at Café F-32.

Anil: I feel so nice sitting here with you. You say, what is that one important thing about you or our relationship you wanted me to realize?

Urvashi: It’s been 27 years – and we have been through a lot of ups and down. But all this while our love has only gone stronger and better. Today I want you to assure that this will continue to go this way in the future as well. (Smiles)

Anil smiled as he felt words of the strong assurance charged with love from his wife.

Anil: Quick…without thinking answer me this – Pros and cons of being with me.

Urvashi: I need to think, first let me finish my drink.

Anil made the FACE – probably every husband goes through this moment each day.

tn_DSC_6143 copyMeanwhile Enchilada was served to the couple. Anil quickly takes a slice of this spicy dish and puts on chili flakes over it.

Urvashi: Why do you like spicy food so much? It’s already spicy, dear. Try the original taste first, and then add your extra flavors to it.

Anil (like a true husband) kept on adding chili flakes and took a bite. He loved the way he’d treated this dish.

Urvashi: You are very whimsical, that’s a con. Yes. And this nature makes living with you interesting – a pro! By the way, what are the pros and cons of being with me?

Anil: You are always right.

Urvashi: Is that a pro or a con? (Both laugh)

Anil: Tell me the most irritating habit I have?

Urvashi: Oh yes, you really irritate me. You keep repeating things I don’t like.

Anil: Oh, so that means you don’t like anything in me? Do you? Then, tell me which three parts of my body are your personal favorites?

Urvashi: You are a whole package, my dear. But I love your heart. Did I just sound like a cliché? Let me mention, I also love your eyes.

The couple exchanged a glance for a jiffy. Smiled and went back to relish their Enchilada.

Anil: What was the name again? Enchilada, right? Mmmm…it’s so good…filled with cheese and tomatoes…Italian?

Urvashi: Mexican, I guess.

Anil: Urvashi…amidst this Italian….Mexican…I have got another question in my mind. If I wasn’t Indian, what nationality would you like me to be?

Urvashi: German!

Anil: What? But why? What’s so special in Germans? Tell me, tell me.

He nagged Urvashi like a kid, and she just smiled. Maybe, it is the way she makes it going between them. With some patience and a pinch of naughtiness.

tn_DSC_6129 copy

Next, their 2nd main course was served at Café F-32– Nepolitan Pizza. And with this Anil decided to wrap up the question-session with a delicate question , the answer of which, he knew, would be straight from her heart.

Anil: Is there anything you want me to protect you from?

Urvashi: From all the beggaries of life, the unpleasant moments… (Takes a break and continues)…because of this date, I could remember my first date. That time…

We must mention, there had been many moments during the course of this date when this couple delved into their past memories and would return back smiling in the present moment.

Urvashi: Is this Guns & Roses playing?

Anil: Hmm…

Urvashi: You are enjoying eating this Pizza, right?

Anil: Hmm…

Urvashi: You are so into this Pizza, Anil!

Anil: Hmm…

tn_DSC_6148 copy

While Anil was still savoring upon the Pizza, F-32 sent them their famous desert – Goey Chocolate Cake with Vanilla ice-cream & Chocolate sauce. Urvashi takes the 1st bite.

Urvashi: It is hot! It is steaming hot!

This desert made Anil restore his senses, and he shifted his attention onto the dessert. He took a bite and said: “It’s nice.”

SINCERE GRATITUDE TO CAFE F-32 FOR SUPPORTING THIS NAUGHTY PROJECT (Visit this wonderful place at F-32 A, Azad Marg, Gangwal Plaza, Above Nims-Vicky Salon, C-Scheme, Jaipur City, India).

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