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Yay, Flipkart To Give 24-week Paid Maternity Leaves!

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  •  July 2, 2015

While everyone is arguing over women empowerment, one of our favorite online stores, Flipkart has already amended the thought.

The company has announced a 24-week paid maternity leave for all its women-employees. Following are the additional benefits for women employees:

  • The company has extended maternity leave period from 12 weeks to 24 weeks.
  • New mothers can work in a flexible hours for next four months with full pay.
  • If needed, the women employees take 1 year career break without pay.After which they can return to available jobs at that point of time.
  • They’ll get a transport reimbursement benefit of Rs 600 per day during the last two months of pregnancy.

Other than banks, no company in India has ever given so many benefits to women-employees at once. Kudos to you, Flipkart!

Flipkart’s spokesperson said: “Flipkart aspires to be a change catalyst in the society which has its age-old conditioning on gender-biases.”

We’re sure this action will inspire other companies too to support and empower women who are working and managing homes simultaneously. At that, we also demand to extend paternal leaves. After all, a child needs care and love of both the parents.

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